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Safe AI development: Integrating explainability and monitoring from the start

As artificial intelligence advances at breakneck speed, using it safely while also increasing its workload is a critical concern. Traditional methods of training safe AI have focused on filtering training data or fine-tuning models post-training to mitigate risks. However, in late May, Anthropic created a detailed map of the inner workings of its Claude 3 … continue reading

SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: PlatformIO

The Internet of Things industry is heating up, and developers want to do more than just allow users to lock their doors or control their thermostats from their smartphones. PlatformIO wants to take IoT development to the next level with its open-source IoT development ecosystem. PlatformIO is a cross-platform build system that features continuous and … continue reading

OpenAI unsupervised learning system

OpenAI’s unsupervised system, VersionOne’s annual agile report, and DeepMind open sources Sonnet — SD Times news digest: April 7, 2017

OpenAI announced it has developed an unsupervised sentiment neuron. According to an OpenAI blog post, it “learns an excellent representation sentiment, despite being trained only to predict the next character in the text of Amazon reviews.” The representation contains a distinct sentiment neuron that contains almost all of the sentiment signal, according to OpenAI. The team explained its … continue reading Protection Status