The Internet of Things industry is heating up, and developers want to do more than just allow users to lock their doors or control their thermostats from their smartphones. PlatformIO wants to take IoT development to the next level with its open-source IoT development ecosystem.

PlatformIO is a cross-platform build system that features continuous and IDE integration as well as compatibility with Arduino and ARM mbed.  

“PlatformIO is written in pure Python and doesn’t depend on any additional libraries/tools from an operation system. It allows you to use PlatformIO beginning from PC and ending with credit-card sized computers (like Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, CubieBoard),” according to the project’s website.

PlatformIO consists of multiple elements to enable developers to build IoT solutions. It features a next-generation integrated development environment with C/C++ intelligent code completion and smart code linter; embedded and desktop development platforms with pre-built toolchains, debuggers, uploads and frameworks; support for Mac, Linux and Windows; rapid embedded programming, IDE and continuous integration; and a library manager with hundreds of popular libraries.

The team recently released PlatformIO IDE 2.0 public beta and core 3.3 with a new installer, and updated and added libraries. More information about the release is available here.

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