Topic: testing in production

Testing in production comes out of the shadows

For enterprise testing organizations, the world of software development is somewhat similar to the world of legalized marijuana. There’s a saying in the legal pot world: “Out of the shadows and into the light.” This is used to describe the way users of illegal weed are now able to come out of hiding and talk … continue reading

GitLab adds free hosting to Continuous Integration for development teams

To help developers eliminate some of the scaling challenges they face, GitLab, the open-source code collaboration tool, announced a partnership with DigitalOcean, a cloud infrastructure provider to add free hosting for Continuous Integration (CI) for development teams. Working together, the organizations want to help developers with CI issues like speed, security and cost. The partnership … continue reading

Testing in Production: Risk vs. Reward

Before testers try out new methods that may expose software to many risks, their companies are asking themselves a big question: to test or not to test in production? As companies move to implement development processes such as DevOps or Continuous Integration and Delivery, testing in production can become an important piece of the equation. … continue reading Protection Status