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The Xen Project forms a new incubation project to focus on building unikernels

The Xen Project today announced the formation of an incubation project called Unikraft. The project is focusing on making it easier to build unikernels, which are compilers that only include the code required for functionality needed by application logic in an operating system. “Unikernels provide a tremendous opportunity for those who are looking to ship … continue reading

Mapt’s six new Skill Plans for developers, Capriza launches suite of micro apps, and FOSSA raises funds for open-source initiatives—SD Times news digest: Feb. 24, 2017

In order to advance the careers of developers, Mapt created new Skill Plans, which aim to help specific developers looking to fill knowledge gaps in subjects like Java, IoT, Big Data, and R. Skill Plans offer developers learning assessment tools and resources, and the new plans target Java, JavaScript, Unreal Engine, R, IoT, and Big … continue reading

Docker open-sources three unikernels: HyperKit, VPNKit, DataKit

Docker is open-sourcing three components with the same source code that are used to power the release builds for Docker for Mac and Windows desktop applications. The three open-source kits can be used by themselves, or they can be combined to form a complete product. According to a post on the Docker blog, the components … continue reading

Docker turns its focus to unikernels

Docker is expanding its reach beyond containers. The company has acquired Unikernel Systems, a U.K.-based company focused on unikernel development. “Docker is uniquely suited to work with Unikernel Systems to drive one of the most significant recent developments in operating systems technology” Unikernel Systems wrote on its website. “Working together will allow us to accelerate … continue reading Protection Status