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Microsoft’s Visual Basic .NET makes TIOBE top 5 programming languages

TIOBE Index has released its list of top programming languages for December 2018 with a surprising finding that Microsoft’s Visual Basic .NET is moving up the ranks. The language now stands at number 5 compared to being at number 7 last year. Visual Basic is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language. According to TIOBE, the reason … continue reading

Microsoft’s .NET team talks tuples

The Microsoft .NET engineering team has posted a blog discussing its plans to add support for tuples to C# and Visual Basic. In a blog posting on the subject, Anthony D. Green, program manager on the managed languages team at Microsoft, wrote about the exact method of tuple implementation. “A tuple is vaguely like an … continue reading

Microsoft developers are no longer isolated

Normally an article about a programming language and framework that both have been with us for more than a decade would be anything but a page-turner. When it comes to C# and .NET, it turns out there’s a big story to tell, including things that could spell another decade of that language (and maybe even … continue reading

Microsoft announces new Visual Basic 14 features

Microsoft has released details about Visual Basic 14, the new version of Visual Basic set to ship with Visual Studio 2015. According to a blog post from Visual Basic program manager Lucian Wischik, Visual Basic is skipping from 12 to 14 to keep in line with Visual Studio’s numbering. The new VB language features are … continue reading

TIOBE Index: Apple’s Swift and R programming language gain popularity

Apple’s Swift programming language and the R statistical language are the two candidates for TIOBE’s programming language of the year award, according to the TIOBE index for December. In the October TIOBE programming community index, Google Dart had cracked the Top 20 languages, and Java and C++ popularity had hit all-time lows. This time around, … continue reading

Microsoft turns on LightSwitch

Visual Studio-based development environment can output C# or VB code through a wizard-driven deployment process … continue reading Protection Status