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Snapchat and enterprise software: A match made in heaven

Snapchat might be all the rage right now, but if we’re being honest, it seems about as likely a candidate for enterprise software adoption as Yo or Twitter. Sure, it’s good for teenyboppers and twenty-somethings, but realistically, how could any software branded as “ephemeral” possibly be reconciled with quality business software? Before I dive into … continue reading

Yammering about development

Years ago, we heard about a movement in software development that was more about individuals and interactions than processes and tools. It was about responding to change and not a rigid plan. Of course, I’m quoting from the Agile Manifesto. Agile development didn’t spring to life overnight, but slowly and over time we’ve adapted as … continue reading

Industry Watch: The future of work

Employees working out of office and on their own terms are what managers can expect … continue reading

The future of work

Working out of office on employees’ terms is what managers can expect … continue reading

Don’t quit your Yammer-ing

Yammer is proving itself to be a great place to find answers to tricky SharePoint questions … continue reading

Microsoft releases ‘document conversations’ for Office 365

Yammer collaboration features are now in Office apps … continue reading

SharePoint workers remain anti-social

Yammer is not taking off like it’s supposed to, but like the growth of agile, it will take some time … continue reading

Are organizations ready for social?

With social collaboration growing in importance, SharePoint tools are changing to reflect how this collaboration is happening … continue reading

A clear message about the future of SharePoint Server

Microsoft will maintain its support for Yammer, and may update it more often … continue reading

SharePoint and Yammer

Yammer is the newest social-networking feature that SharePointers are excited about … continue reading

Microsoft’s $1.2 billion question

Mike Watson’s reaction to Microsoft’s Yammer acquisition. How does it fit in with the company’s plans for social? … continue reading Protection Status