In the enterprise version of SharePoint 2010, there is a new functionality in SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows called the “Task Process Designer.” A task process is essentially a workflow inside a workflow, is highly customizable, and is used in the assigning of tasks to people within workflows.

Where can I find it?
When you open your SharePoint 2010 site in SharePoint Designer 2010 and create a new workflow, there are three different actions that can be selected that will add task processes to your workflow:
•    Start Approval Process
•    Start Feedback Process
•    Start Custom Task Process

Select the Approval process when there is an item in the current list that needs to be approved or rejected by one or more people. Use the Feedback process when one or more people are assigned a task to complete and simply need to mark it as completed.

How do I use a task process?
When one of the task process actions is added to a workflow, this is an example of what you will see:


Click the blue text (these users) in order to set up the task assignments. This is what the configuration screen looks like:


In the Participants section, enter the names of the people who will need to approve this item, and select either serial or parallel. When serial is selected, each participant will be assigned a task one at a time in the order that they are entered in the interface. When parallel is selected, tasks will be assigned to all participants at the same time.