ConnectALL has announced its Universal Adapter has reached patent pending status, and is currently under review by the U.S. Patent Office. The Universal Adapter designed to interconnect software tools and manage flow across the software development ecosystem. 

“With the Universal Adapter, ConnectALL has the ability to connect to any tool, any solution…anything you use. That is a game-changer because it doesn’t matter what solution you are using,” said Lance Knight, COO for ConnectALL. “The universe has opened way up with what this Universal Adapter can do.” 

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Getting the most value out of your value streams

According to Knight, a big problem in the DevOps and value stream management space is that there are just too many third-party tools teams need to connect and integrate with. While this proliferation has provided flexibility and options when it comes to software tools, it also creates challenges for collaboration.

By being able to connect to any third-party tool, the Universal Adapter enables users to more easily manage their pipeline, and visualize and understand how information flows, Knight explained.

Some of the adapter’s features include:

  • Bi-directional synchronization of project-related data between software apps and tools
  • Ability to capture project data from any source throughout the entire life cycle
  • Ability to trigger an action in any application or tool
  • Ability to integrate with any tool whether it is legacy, modern or custom-made

“With the integrations achieved through the Universal Adapter, teams can quickly add new tools to their toolchain, with any activities that take place in one tool’s status interface automatically being reflected in the other. All resulting data can easily be extracted for reporting or visualization by teams, management and other stakeholders, who can also receive automated notifications when project statuses change,” the company wrote in an announcement

Going forward, the company plans to make the adapter easier to set up and configure, introduce a new UI, and focus on value stream visualization.