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Alex Handy
February 15, 2011 —  (Page 2 of 8)
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With the release of Honeycomb, Google could spark interest in enterprises for its tablets. Entner is bullish on Android tablets in enterprises this year. “I think everybody will be surprised that the enterprise will actually be the big adopter of the tablet, not the consumer, and will be significantly, or will have a much bigger impact in the ecosphere than comparatively on the phone side," he said. "That will be the very big surprise for most people, and Google and Android will be a big winner.”

Surprising or not, there is another distinct advantage for Google in the tablet market, one that the platform is already known for in the phone market: diversity.

“Apple has a great device and a great OS,” said Entner, “but it's a little bit like the Ford Model T: You can have it in any color as long as it's black. If you like black, that's the one to go for. If you like a different flavor or form factor, Android offers a lot more choice."

That's important in the tablet world, where proper size and form have not yet been decided upon; anyone who's held an iPad in their hands while reading can tell you the device is much heavier than an Amazon Kindle, and the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S Android Tablet has about half the screen real estate of an iPad.

“You have a lot more choices. Everybody under the sun will offer an Android tablet," said Entner. "We will see the Honeycomb tablets coming out very soon, and people will be delighted with the OS performance of these devices. With tablets, the form factor lends itself to putting a really big antenna on the device, so this thing will just fly if it's connected with the right network and a faster processor. With Honeycomb, everything will scale the right way. Gingerbread will make a big difference as well."

If that's the case, most enterprises will be in good shape to acclimate to the new Android tablets; they are, after all, already comfortable in Java environments.

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