Rise of the Androids

Alex Handy
February 15, 2011 —  (Page 3 of 8)
Sam Pattnaik, senior manager at mobile development consulting firm Mindfire Solutions, said that moving from enterprise Java to Android Java is not a tough transition.

“It's actually easy. A person who knows Java does not have to learn a lot, but he does have to learn the way the OS feels," he said. "There are some minor parts that are different. A person who knows Java would need a week and a half to get rolling and coding on the Android platform."

Christopher Price, consultant at BeyondSoft Consulting, said moving from Java EE to Android does take a little getting used to.

“Android runs on Dalvik, which itself is heavily rooted in Java fundamentals," he said. "Going from a desktop Java EE app to an Android mobile app depends on what the app is connected to in terms of APIs. Dalvik is based on Apache's Harmony Java, so the deeper you go into Java EE-specific APIs, the harder it is going to be to bring all functionality for Android easily.

“However, the solution we suggest is to create a back end on the server that allows for your Android app to be more lightweight. Just because you can take a lot of Java apps completely to Android doesn't mean you should. From that perspective, our clients find it easier to have a back-end solution work on your server to bridge Java EE with all the mobile device platforms at once. When taking that approach, Android development is easier and facilitates future app development on other platforms."

Pattnaik said the only way to be sure of how moving to Android will feel for enterprise Java developers is to jump in and download the SDK.

“If they have Java developers and Java expertise and already work with Java, I would recommend downloading an SDK. The most important thing with Android is that documentation is available freely on the Web. You'll find a lot,” he said.

“You can search for any Android document, and the next day you'll see at least 140 new ones. On a daily basis, the number of documents available for Android developers is growing far more than you can gather.”

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