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February 15, 2011 —  (Page 8 of 8)
New features in NDK R5
Doing native development in Android? You don't want the SDK, you want the NDK. NDK was updated in December. Here's a list of the changes in revision 5.
• Adds support for native activities, which allows developers to implement the Android application life cycle in native code.
• Adds native support for the following:
  • Input subsystem (such as the keyboard and touch-screen)
  • Access to sensor data (accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, etc.)
  • Event loop APIs to wait for things such as input and sensor events
  • Window and surface subsystem
  • Audio APIs based on the OpenSL ES standard that support playback and recording as well as control over platform audio effects
  • Access to assets packaged in an APK file
•  ncludes a new tool chain (based on GCC 4.4.3), which generates better code, and can also now be used as a standalone cross-compiler, for people who want to build their stuff with ./configure && make. The binaries for GCC 4.4.0 are still provided, but the 4.2.1 binaries were removed
• Adds support for pre-built static and shared libraries, as well as module exports and imports to make sharing and reuse of third-party modules much easier
• Provides a default C++ STL implementation (based on STLport) as a helper module. It can be used either as a static or shared library. Pre-built binaries for STLport (static or shared) and GNU libstdc++ (static only) are also provided if compiled against those libraries instead of the default C++ STL implementation. C++ Exceptions and RTTI are not supported in the default STL implementation
• Includes improvements to the cpufeatures helper library that improves reporting of the CPU type (some devices previously reported ARMv7 CPU when the device really was an ARMv6)
• Adds an EGL library that lets developers create and manage OpenGL ES textures and services
• Adds new sample applications, native-plasma and native-activity, to demonstrate how to write a native activity
• Includes bugfixes and other small improvements

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