Finding the right tool for the agile job

Victoria Reitano
December 14, 2011 —  (Page 3 of 4)

A sampling of tools

AccuRev’s software change management tool, AccuRev SCM, allows developers to monitor changes and manage their source code. AccuRev also offers agile resources and additional tooling on its website to help development teams manage their processes. Additional tools include AccuReplica, which scales AccuRev SCM to larger organizations; AccuWork, a catalog used to track issues in development; AccuWorkflow, a collaborative environment; and AccuSync, a tool that provides bidirectional integration for AccuRev, Atlassian JIRA, ClearCase and Rally software.

Assembla workspaces bring together ticketing and issue management, source-code management and collaboration tools in an on-demand environment to help teams manage their workflow. The activity stream in the workspace allows team members to follow all the activity for a development project in one window with custom alerts.

CollabNet’s tools include TeamForge, for agile application life-cycle management; Subversion Edge for SVN; and ScrumWorks Pro for enterprise developers. ScrumWorks follows the Scrum project management methodology that is part of the agile methodology and helps teams collaborate around this management strategy. It provides reporting, notifications and visibility into the process. CollabNet also provides cloud services, which help teams manage their code repositories in Git, SVN and CVS under the Codesion cloud-service company, which CollabNet recently acquired.

Electric Cloud
Electric Cloud tools include ElectricCommander for workflow automation; ElectricAccelerator for measuring and tracking build speeds; and ElectricInsight for teams doing software build visualizations and understanding what logic is behind the software they are creating. SparkBuild is another free build tool that helps developers debug broken builds.
Hansoft’s project management tool was created with game developers in mind, and can be used for teams that deal with both hardware and software components. The methodology used is Kanban, with a bit of Scrum for project management, but teams can also customize the tool to suit their needs.

Kovair’s application life-cycle management tool, Kovair ALM Studio, includes a requirements manager; test manager; test cases and test sets; issue tracker; risk management to determine which issues can cause problems in the cycle; release management features; and project management features. The tool is Web-based and allows for multiple input methods; developers can use the Rich Text Editor in the tool or import from e-mails, Word documents or Excel sheets, or use third-party tools.

This software change management tool allows teams to use different streams of work for a given project together at the end of development. This stream design allows teams to automate simple tests or portions of the build in order to speed up development. The tool also has integrations for management, bug tracking, and capabilities for distributed development.

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