PostSharp Technologies, makers of advanced software development tools, today announced the availability of the PostSharp 3 RTM, a comprehensive design pattern automation product for the Microsoft .NET developer platform.

The RTM marks an evolutionary step forward for the company’s flagship product, offering deeper Visual Studio integration with content-sensitive smart tags and a wizard-like user interface that enables developers to automatically inject ready-made implementations of common design patterns into their applications to reduce complexity, simplify architecture and add new functionality.

Developers can select from a growing library of ready-made design pattern implementations, including:
• INotifyPropertyChanged and Code Contracts;
• Logging for Log4Net, NLog, System.Diagnostics, and Enterprise Library;
• Multithreading (including thread models and thread dispatching); and
• Design rules enforcement

Gael Fraiteur, PostSharp Technologies CEO, described how years of good customer relations led to the innovation:

“During the last 8 years, we successfully positioned PostSharp as the leading framework for aspect-oriented programming on the Microsoft .NET developer platform, and told developers they could build whatever they wanted with it. Over time however, we became increasingly aware that the vast majority of our customers were all re-implementing the same patterns.”

Having noticed the trend, the company began to steadily build a library of the most common .NET application design patterns and, with PostSharp 3, the ready-made libraries are now built-in to the product itself, enabling customers to apply them to their code bases in minutes instead of having to build them from scratch.

PostSharp Technologies is at the forefront of .NET developer tools and is attracting Fortune 500 companies like US Airways, eBay, and Bank of America, as well as educational institutions, government organizations, start-ups and non-profits.
One of the benefits most cited by PostSharp customers is time saved in reading and writing by the removal of boilerplate code. The team at Mitchell International, North America’s leading provider of property and casualty claims management solutions, experienced such time savings first hand.

PostSharp has reduced thousands of lines of code,” said Kshitij Deshmukh, software development manager at Mitchell International. “You apply an aspect and it takes care of everything without having to mess around with each and every property or method. Now we can just look at business logic without actually having to worry about all the rest of the bookkeeping that needs to happen around it.”

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