Building Microsoft Office functionality into .NET and Java applications is a major priority for developers in many businesses. With that in mind, Aspose’s Aspose.Total Component Suites offer flexibility to help you with this requirement at an affordable price. Aspose was named to the 2010 SD Times 100, which lists the top leaders and innovators in the software development industry.

“Each Aspose.Total suite includes every product built for Java and .NET technology platforms,” says John Owens, Associate Director for Europe at Aspose. “For example, Aspose.Total for .NET packages up every .NET component that we offer. We compile the suite daily to ensure that it contains the latest, most up-to-date version of each of our .NET components. An added bonus is that, as well as getting every component that is currently available for either technology platform, you will also be entitled to use any new product we release for that platform during your subscription period. It really is a total solution.”

Aspose’s products focus on developers who build line-of-business solutions. If your homegrown applications create or edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF documents, or leverage Outlook, you should look at Aspose’s rich set of application components. According to Owens, having spoken to many customers who have attempted to create their own in-house solutions to address these needs in the past, the company knows that its components can dramatically cut down your project’s implementation time.

What’s inside Aspose.Total? Aspose.Words creates, reads, modifies, converts, renders and prints Microsoft Word documents in your application. It even has a single-line API call that handles mail merge for you! Aspose.Cells, Aspose.Slides and Aspose.PDF provide similar functionality for Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. And Aspose.Network lets your applications read and interpret Microsoft Outlook MSG and PST files without having to use Microsoft Outlook.

“We like to think of ourselves as the one-stop shop for developers that have line-of-business needs in their applications,” Owens says. “Our products work without the need to have Microsoft Office installed on the system, so our components help you to build document files from the ground up using our advanced document rendering technology without using Office Automation. This lets you build stable applications that can scale without having to worry about server issues.”

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