Protecting intellectual property and other software assets is a challenge for even the most talented developers—and a lack of software rights protection can cost company a fortune. SafeNet focuses exclusively on helping your development teams protect your valuable intellectual property The company was named to the 2010 SD Times 100, the annual listing of top leaders and innovators in software development.

SafeNet’s flagship is Sentinel HASP, an easy-to-use out-of-the-box software license enforcement solution that makes it easy for you to build and enforce license models, and to protect your company’s software products. In addition, SafeNet ( offers Sentinel EMS, a Web-based software entitlements management solution to bridge your licensing technology to your back- and front-office practices. There’s also Sentinel RMS, a feature-rich and platform-diverse solution for licensing that supports a very broad array of license models for specialized and unique applications.

“Our Sentinel rights management technologies provide both enforcement and management of software licenses, making it easy for software developers to embed automated license enforcement in to their products,” says Chris Holland, vice president of SafeNet’s software rights management business unit.

“This technology lets our customers easily create different packages and offerings from a single codebase, manage customers and their entitlements to those applications, and distribute those licenses to customers—either as electronic licenses through our Web-based management platforms, or as USB keys for physical delivery and ultra-strong license enforcement.”

Using SafeNet’s products, your work is protected and monetized securely and efficiently, preventing it from license or other forms of abuse. The company’s tools let you choose from simple one-step integration to a richer and more full API-level integration, so you can choose how best to focus your skills and resources.

“We are pleased to be recognized again by SD Times, and we are pleased to continue to lead the market in delivering relevant and quality solutions,” Holland says. “As we continue to invest in our technologies to improve the strength and ease of use, we also recognize that, especially in technology, the world does not stand still. As we move through 2010, we are introducing additions to our product lines to even further enhance how our solutions can leverage the Web. We are also introducing Sentinel Cloud Services to bring the same values we bring to on-premise and embedded software to the cloud.”