Urbancode’s AnthillPro offers a complete enterprise continuous integration platform to help you get your builds and deployments under control. Urbancode was named to the 2010 SD Times 100 list of the top leaders and innovators in software development industry.

“AnthillPro helps organizations establish a common process for release management—a common set of steps to go from development to release,” says Maciej Zawadzki, Urbancode’s cofounder and CEO. “This issue is especially important for shops that use off-shoring or outsourcing. Standard processes help them maintain control across the different projects and the different parties involved.”

AnthillPro (www.anthillpro.com) automates the steps from the time code is committed until the change is deployed to production. It ties together coding, QA, release management and operations, and provides traceability across the life cycle. An automation platform that can be used across teams regardless of development technologies, AnthillPro’s server-agent architecture scales up to support enterprises with thousands of developers, thousands of projects and thousands of builds a day.

The tool helps you keep pace with agile practices by saving time from start to finish. Build automation and continuous integration provides rapid feedback, so you can fix problems when they are cheaper and easier to fix. Push-button, on-demand deployment automation lets you test changes on your own schedule without waiting for someone else to do the deployment. Using a consistent automated deployment across different environments both speeds deployments and reduces deployment failures, so your teams are less likely to spend nights and weekends trying to recover from failed deployments to production.

Integrated artifact management guarantees that the binaries you are deploying to production are bit-for-bit the same as the binaries that you’ve deployed and tested throughout the life cycle in your lower environments. AnthillPro’s built-in dependency management improves component reuse by allowing you to do impact analysis before making a change. More than 60 out-of-the box integrations are provided for a wide range of ALM tools so that you can be up and running quickly.

“Urbancode was one of the pioneers of build automation and continuous integration going back to the original open-source version of Anthill in 2001,” Zawadzki says. “AnthillPro today is the result of years of experience with literally hundreds of customers, and continues to provide market-leading innovations in build and deployment automation.”