Migration is a hot topic right now in the SharePoint community. Some organizations are considering moving out from another document management system, or even simply a file share, to SharePoint; others are weighing the move from earlier versions of SharePoint.

But as Christian Buckley points out in a “twitterview” he did with us this week, migration also gives organizations a chance to improve their content management capabilities. When moving data or content from one place to another, you have a chance to look at it, decide if you really want to keep it, reclassify it with some new metadata or create some new taxonomy. Mapping these things out before making the move will also help with the governance of your new SharePoint installation.

So, aside from getting the benefit of the new features in SharePoint 2010, you get the added bonus of getting a second chance at reorganizing your content. (Christian, a SharePoint MVP, will be speaking on this topic at length at SPTechCon in Boston. Hope you join us!)

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Jeremy Thake, a longtime thought leader in the SharePoint space, has joined AvePoint as the company’s enterprise architect. He will continue to work to educate the community about SharePoint, and will help with R&D at AvePoint and work with its customers. You can read more about it here.