It’s tax season, which means you might be utilizing some of financial technology provider Intuit’s products this month. Intuit doesn’t just offer tax and financial products; it also offers developers and teams a data-driven, flexible and scalable open-source platform: Wasabi.

Wasabi A/B testing service is an API-driven project which lets users own their data while running experiments across the web, mobile and desktop. It’s actually tested in production at Intuit, where the company uses it as the experimentation platform for TurboTax, QuickBooks,, and other Intuit offerings.

It’s packed with features, and at this time, only Mac OS X is supported.

Wasabi by Intuit

To start, Wasabi runs on servers in the cloud and on-premise, so users have complete control over their data. It’s 100% API-driven, according to Intuit, which means the Wasabi REST API is compatible with any language and environment.

Developers will also be able to assign users into experiments in real time, as a way to preserve traffic for other parallel A/B tests. There’s also well-defined interfaces for plugging in your own access control, sending data to data pipelines, and providing fully custom bucket allocations, according to Intuit’s GitHub page.

Additionally, developers can spin up a Wasabi Docker instance in five minutes and it will be in production with the platform, instrumentation and experiments within a day, reads the GitHub page.

Developers can get started with a complete Wasabi stack by checking out the documentation on Intuit’s GitHub page here.

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