Accellion, Inc., the award-winning pioneer in providing enterprise-class, secure mobile file sharing solutions, today announced new capabilities for enabling secure mobile access to enterprise information.  This latest offering by Accellion enables mobile business users to access, edit and save content in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems and file shares located behind the corporate firewall, including SharePoint 2013 and Windows File Shares, without the need for a VPN.
For example, from an iPad, users can open, edit and save back SharePoint files just as if they were in the office. They can even bring third parties into the review cycle directly from mobile devices, ensuring the workflow can continue whenever and wherever.
“More often than not, the most valuable information for mobile workers is stored behind corporate firewalls in SharePoint and Windows File Shares. Without mobile access to this data, users are forced to replicate data outside of the corporate network and turn to unmanaged public cloud solutions,” stated Jon Pincus, senior vice president of products, Accellion, Inc. “Accellion offers enterprises the best of both worlds, delivering unified anytime, anywhere access and editing capabilities to employees, while ensuring that corporate data remains secure and in compliance.”
Accellion kitepoint now works seamlessly with the recently announced Accellion Mobile Productivity Suite, to allow users to securely create, edit, view and collaborate on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files stored in SharePoint and Windows File Shares. Now Accellion provides a fully secure, containerized solution, overcoming many of the risks associated with opening files in a third party mobile app. Users can create or edit files, even when offline. Documents can be easily downloaded and uploaded to the enterprise content management system, maximizing mobility and productivity.
Through kitepoint, enterprises can enable mobile employees to securely access enterprise content stored behind the corporate firewall in ECM systems and file shares, without the need for a VPN. The new capabilities ensure users are always working with the ‘document of record’, while respecting the version control and security policies of the native system. Kitepoint helps enterprises gain the maximum value out of integrated systems, such as imaging, workflow and records management systems tied to SharePoint. With the latest version of kitepoint, workers can access, edit, share and manage content stored in SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013, and Windows File Shares utilizing the SMB or CIFS protocols.
Compliance and the Private Cloud
For the foreseeable future, enterprises will continue to store the vast majority of their content behind the corporate firewall in SharePoint and Windows File Shares. Accellion provides the solution for enterprise organizations that need to securely mobilize this content, while leveraging existing enterprise infrastructure resources – systems, policies and personnel.
Organizations can choose to maintain control and security of enterprise data by deploying Accellion in a private cloud deployment, and IT administrators can centrally provision users and manage security policies across all content stores including access rights for auditing, reporting and demonstrating compliance. Accellion leverages current IT investments including Active Directory, multiple versions of SharePoint, Windows File Shares, mail servers and other systems.
Accellion Mobile File Sharing with kitepoint is accessible on smartphones and tablets via Accellion Mobile Apps as well as on laptops and desktops via the Accellion web interface.