Microsoft is re-launching its Accessibility Developer Hub for developers to learn more about making software that’s accessible to all.

“The re-launched Accessibility Developer Hub is a one-stop shop for developers to find documentation about Accessibility across Microsoft platforms and products,” wrote Daniel Hubbell, technical evangelist for the Accessibility Business Unit at Microsoft, in a blog post.

With the Developer Hub, developers can learn more about designing code for accessible software through free e-books, blogs, documentation, videos and code samples.

The company plans to produce more content for the hub, and will listen to feedback.

More information is available here.

Django 1.8 released
After more than a year of development, the Django team is finally ready to announce version 1.8 its Web framework. Django 1.8 is a long-term support release, meaning the development team will continue to work on security and bug fixes for the next three years.

According to the team, features include:

  • Native support for multiple template engines
  • Complex SQL expressions support
  • A API for Model._meta
  • New PostgreSQL specific functionality

In addition, the Django team announced Django 1.6 has reached end of life. The team will continue to support Django 1.7 until version 1.9 is released in October.

More information is available here.