GitHub announced the launch of four new developer apps on the GitHub Marketplace this week, designed for code security, monitoring and review.

The first of these new releases is AccessLint, which reviews changes to your codebase for accessibility issues and comments on them. The detection is guided by WCAG 2.0, which helps determine compliance with the ADA and Section 508.

Next up is Dependabot, which keeps dependencies for Ruby, JavaScript, Python and PHP up-to-date while testing new pulls to determine compatibility with your existing projects on a user defined daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

Greenkeeper is another dependency management tool that keeps your npm environment up-to-date with a working Continuous Implementation setup and provides alerts when human input is required.

Finally, LogRocket is a monitoring tool that integrates a variety of utilities to replay errors as if they were occurring in your browser in real-time with pixel-perfect screen capture combined with logs of console, user input, JavaScript errors, network requests and browser metadata. It also records application state in React, Redux, Angular and Vue.js.

All four apps are available for free in some capacity through the GitHub Marketplace, with various licensing options available for each.