Accusoft Pegasus, which sells reusable software components for image processing, has released version 19 of two suites: ImageGear for .NET and ImageGear for Silverlight. According to the company, the updated suites add new recognition features such as optical character recognition, barcode functionality, GUI elements for user interface creation and annotations.

The ImageGear suites now provide new Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight GUI elements designed to simplify UI creation processes and reduce the amount of code developers need to write, said the company.

New features exclusive to ImageGear for .NET include improvements to the OCR functionality, integrated barcode functionality, and support for Microsoft’s .docx file format. The OCR improvements include new image processing methods, enhanced PDF output, and support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.

The software’s integrated barcode engine allows developers to quickly enable barcode recognition and creation in their applications.

The new annotation functionality lets developers define their own annotation types and store them within the ImageGear annotation format.

Accusoft Pegasus said that the Silverlight imaging suite supports the JPEG 2000 format. Developers can now build Silverlight applications that natively support JPEG 2000 Part 1, enabling Web-based medical imaging applications to support JPEG 2000 images directly within the browser and without the need for server processing.