Despite reports of a sluggish economy, business is good today and was great on Black Friday, when the brick-and-mortar stores saw some serious action. Cyber Monday is blowing up cell phones, Twitter feeds and websites around the world, but some of us are still stumped about what to buy the developers in our lives.

If you don’t want to end up like the developers at Ann Taylor LOFT with a crashed site today, you probably shouldn’t be shopping during the workday. But if you happen to have some time this evening, check out these great deals:

Adobe software offerings
Adobe is having a sale on its creative programs through Nov. 29. Maybe your developer wants to learn more about Web design, or perhaps an upgrade of the Creative Suite is needed for freelancing. Whatever the case may be, Adobe’s discount—up to 50%—will have you jumping for joy!

Expand their knowledgebase
Life is always about learning, and for developers that may mean learning a new way to manage time, or a new coding language, or a new way to develop software. Either way, Amazon has a bunch of books that will help them enhance their skills, and if you’re planning on buying the “hottest” tablet in town (the Kindle Fire), your developer can also purchase some of these books digitally. (The Kindle DX is also on sale, down US$120 to $259, today only!)

Then there’s “Time Warrior,” a book that’s great for anyone interested in learning how to better manage their time. It also helps those “over-committers” and those who feel they need to do everything on a certain timeline.

As we said in our recent article on software craftsmanship, some in the development community have started thinking about software as a craft rather than a science. “Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship” could help a developer explore this other way of writing code.

Learn by doing allows students and professionals to learn popular software programs via screencast by following along with presenters. It is available for $250 as a regular subscription, and $375 for the premium version.

Daily deals bonanza has several offers. The Incase voucher deal ($25 for $50 to spend on Incase products) will help protect that smartphone you bought last Christmas (or are buying this holiday), and the EA Games for Android voucher deal ($5 for $10 to spend) is perfect for the gamer even if he (or she) is a grownup. Electronic Arts also has $10 for one downloadable PC game, and Skype is offering $20 worth of credits for $10.

Hardware that walks the talk
Developers are busy people. Busy people need two computers, or, in some cases, three. Cinema displays are a great way for developers and designers to have multiple monitors work with one computer.

If your developer is looking for more hardware, check out Newegg’s Cyber Monday steal with its daily deals.