Slack is teaming up with JIRA to create a new application that will let engineers, product managers, and QA teams work together to quickly resolve issues and ship software faster.

With the new JIRA Cloud app, users can work through issues in Slack by “subscribing to notifications on key matters and pulling in deeper contextual information when needed,” reads Slack’s blog post.

One of the key highlights in this application is the new JIRA bot. If a team is working through a product sprint, and someone wants to learn the status of a specific issue, the JIRA bot can post a message right into the conversation that contains a summary of the issue.

This saves your team the worky-work of copying and pasting links to a separate application, and instead gives your team more context on the issue in the place where you’re already talking about it,” writes Slack.

JIRA Cloud App

The JIRA bot also comes in handy for those that want to look up a specific issue in JIRA, without having to jump out of the workflow, writes Slack. Now users can ask the JIRA bot to find that information directly. Using slash commands, users can add deeper functionality to the JIRA bot. The existing JIRA integration, JIRA server alerts, and the JIRA Cloud app, can be found in Slack’s App Directory.