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SonarCloud integrates with Amazon CodeCatalyst to promote Clean Code practices

Sonar has announced a new integration of its code review tool, SonarCloud, with Amazon CodeCatalyst to help improve the development process for cloud-based applications.  Amazon CodeCatalyst is a platform that provides blueprints for setting up software development projects in AWS, including setting up project tools, managing CI/CD pipelines, provisioning and configuring development environments, and more. … continue reading

Google updates Search algorithm to help reduce spam and low-quality content

Google has unveiled updates aimed at enhancing the quality and relevance of its search results. Among these updates are algorithmic improvements to its core ranking systems, designed to prioritize the surfacing of the most useful information available online while concurrently minimizing the presence of unoriginal content.  Additionally, Google is revising its spam policies to more … continue reading

Report: Slow mobile app releases cost over $100,000 in lost revenue per year for 75% of companies

It’s no surprise that slow development processes are costing companies greatly, but by how much? According to a new report by the mobile testing company Kobiton, 75% of respondents said slow mobile app releases cost their company at least $100,000 each year, and 13% said it costs them between $1 million and $10 million every … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Storybook

Storybook is a frontend workshop for building UI components and pages in isolation made for UI development, testing, and documentation. Storybook comes with a lot of addons for component design, documentation, testing, interactivity, and so on. Storybook’s API makes it possible to configure and extend in various ways. It has even been extended to support … continue reading

Report: Test automation coverage has rebounded after a dip last year

Test automation coverage has rebounded after a dip last year, according to SmartBear’s State of Quality Testing 2022 report.  SmartBear conducted a global online survey over the course of five weeks earlier this year. The findings are based upon aggregated responses from more than 1,500 software developers, testers, IT/operations professionals, and business leaders across many … continue reading

The importance of tool integration for QA teams

Everybody cares about software quality (or they ought to, at least), but it’s easier said than done. Lots of factors can cause software to fail, from tools and systems not integrating well to people not communicating well. According to ConnectALL, improving value stream flow can help with these communication breakdowns, tool integration can improve quality … continue reading

Automated testing still lags

Automated testing initiatives still lag behind in many organizations as increasingly complex testing environments are met with a lack of skilled personnel to set up tests.  Recent research conducted by Forrester and commissioned by Keysight found that while only 11% of respondents had fully automated testing, 84% percent of respondents said that the majority of … continue reading

SAST, SCA & QA are the best tools to combat hackers’ smaller, more sophisticated attacks

As many organizations are bolstering up their security measures, hackers have shifted their focus to smaller and more concentrated attacks, according to Daniel Fonseca, senior solutions engineer at Kiuwan in the webinar “Preventing common vulnerabilities with Kiuwan’s SAST, SCA, and QA tools.” The National Vulnerability Database (NVD) said there were over 20,000 security vulnerabilities CVE … continue reading

Testing in DevOps

Testing in DevOps is as much about the people that are behind the tools as it is about the tools themselves. When they work in synchrony, organizations can see major benefits in the quality of their applications and software development life cycle processes.  A recent report called The Role of Testing in a DevOps Environment … continue reading

A guide to testing tools for use in DevOps environments

The following is a listing of testing tool providers for DevOps environments, along with a brief description of their offerings.  Applitools is built to test all the elements that appear on a screen with a single line of code. Using Applitools’ Visual AI, you can automatically verify that your web or mobile app both functions … continue reading

How these companies help organizations test applications in DevOps environments

We asked these tool providers to share more information on how their solutions help organizations test applications in their DevOps environments. Their responses are below. Gil Sever, co-founder and CEO of Applitools Modern software development teams are rapidly delivering innovation to market through more frequent and shorter release cycles, but they struggle to fully test … continue reading

testRigor helps to convert manual testers to QA automation engineers

Testing is a crucial piece of the software life cycle but QA teams often can’t produce enough test coverage quickly enough because they are bogged down by test maintenance. Test maintenance often takes more than 50% of a QA team’s time. testRigor, a plain English-based testing system, is easing the pain points of QA teams … continue reading

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