Everybody cares about software quality (or they ought to, at least), but it’s easier said than done. Lots of factors can cause software to fail, from tools and systems not integrating well to people not communicating well.

According to ConnectALL, improving value stream flow can help with these communication breakdowns, tool integration can improve quality assurance function, and integrating test management tools with other tools can help provide higher quality test coverage. 

In a recent SD Times Live! event, Lance Knight, president and COO at ConnectALL, and Johnathan McGowan, principal solutions architect at ConnectALL, shared six ways that tool integration can improve test management processes and QA. 

“It’s a very complex area, right? There’s a lot going on here in the testing realm, and different teams are doing different kinds of tests. Your developers are doing those unit tests, your QA team is doing manual automated and regression, and then your security folks are doing something else. And they’ve all each got their own little places that they’re doing all of that in,” said McGowan.

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