Rally is extending its ALM platform to support business agility across the enterprise.

“We know that our customers constantly face new competition and market threats and must react and respond faster than ever to remain competitive,” said the company to SD Times. “Enhancing our ALM platform ensures that many functions of the business can take the benefits of Agile teams’ fast-paced delivery and scale Agile practices across the enterprise.”

To give users the ability to identify where and how well agile projects are paying off and where they can improve, the company is introducing beta releases of Rally Insights and Flowdock Enterprise.

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Flowdock Enterprise will be integrated in Rally’s ALM platform to provide company-wide insight into projects. It helps users stay up to date with work in progress, be transparent, prioritize issues, and solve problems across teams, tools and time zones. Currently, Flowdock Enterprise incorporates all the major features from Flowdock, plus added functionality and enterprise capabilities such as data retention policies and single sign-on. Future releases of Flowdock Enterprise will include location compliance, user management and access control-management features.

“The introduction of Flowdock into Rally’s platform is great news for developers. Flowdock provides collaborative, team-based communication that allows users to get updates and communicate in real time. Plus with more than 65 integrations, users can be quickly updated on changes in status, new defects, or initiative changes, without having to log into multiple platforms for updates,” Rally said.

Rally Insights is designed to provide organizations a means for continuous improvement in their software development process. It delivers data and analytics to enable users to inspect, learn from and adapt performance.

Other features of the platform include improved iteration tracking and editable detail pages in Rally Unlimited Edition; a road-map planning board; and project-level page sharing of reports for additional visibility.