Being agile is fine and dandy, but for many companies, agility is still a work in progress. Seapine Software has added agile capabilities to TestTrack 2010.1 that help with the creation and maintenance of agile processes, not the enforcement of them.

The new version adds tools for creating charts, stories and sprint plans, giving development managers a workbench for planning out agile workflows, according to the company.

TestTrack 2010.1 adds the ability to create burndown charts and to sort software issues by type, allowing managers to align issues with upcoming sprints and stories. The software also includes charts and metrics to help managers handle daily standup meetings. Managers can also use TestTrack 2010.1 to monitor developer work time, and to crunch the numbers of past sprints and stories.

“Every customer’s development process is different,” said Paula Rome, TestTrack’s product manager. “TestTrack 2010.1 enables development organizations to adopt agile practices where it makes business sense without jeopardizing existing projects and teams. Whether an organization is using iterative waterfall, Scrum or another development methodology, TestTrack adapts to the way a team works and it can support multiple products, projects and distributed development.”

TestTrack 2010.1 includes three tools: TestTrack RM for requirements management; TestTrack TCM for test case management; and TestTrack Pro for issue tracking. The software runs on Mac OS X, Solaris and Windows.