VersionOne announced Monday the availability of VersionOne Ultimate Edition, an extension of its agile project management solution that offers greater team visibility through new Test Management, Ideas Management and Agile Analytics capabilities.

Ultimate includes a single environment for planning, tracking and reporting on development and testing activities. A new regression-testing component includes the capability to create a reusable test inventory from completed tests, as well as regression-test planning for new projects and releases, roll-up reporting, and visual displays of test progress and results via the Test Board.

VersionOne has also extended agile further out to its clients’ customers with its new Ideas Management functionality, which “helps set the product’s direction,” said CEO Robert Holler.

The functionality allows a company’s customers to set up public or private forums (which are moderated by those involved with the development process), and enables ideas to be sorted and filtered to create a story, Holler said. This engages a company’s customers more directly, drives product innovation, and prioritizes feature requests, he added.

With Ultimate’s new Agile Analytics tool, reports can be built from scratch. “It lets people slice and dice their own information,” Holler said. The tool includes customizable dashboards, data analysis, and custom reporting and charting capabilities for extended visibility beyond standard, predefined reports. This feature lets developers easily build and share custom reports to any stakeholder within the client.

The release also includes a connector for Hudson, an open-source continuous integration solution. Ultimate is available now, along with a free 30-day trial.