SPTechCon Update: April 3, 2013

We’ve uploaded a large part of our SPTechCon Boston program; see which Microsoft MVPs and MCMs will be there … continue reading

SPTechCon Update: March 6, 2013

This month’s SPTechCon was a huge success; come visit the next one in Boston in August … continue reading

SPTechCon Update: February 27, 2013

One of the big attractions of the show is the exhibit hall; come and see what companies are doing with SharePoint … continue reading

SPTechWeb “Twitterview” with Dux Raymond Sy

Dux shares his tips for delivering SharePoint success … continue reading

SPTechWeb “Twitterview” with Christian Buckley

Ahead of June’s SPTechCon, Christian Buckley gives a sneak peek at what he will be presenting at the show … continue reading

SPTechWeb “Twitterview” with Marc Anderson

Expert in jQuery discusses SharePoint development “in the middle tier” … continue reading

Social-network open-source project Diaspora named ‘rookie of the year’

The overall list of projects indicate that cloud development is still garnering interest by open-source developers … continue reading

Android, iPad and Windows Phone 7: Place your bets

A recent survey shows no clear leader among the trio, as developers are looking for the platform that has the longest reach … continue reading

Year in Review: Agile

Experts grappled with finding the best way to become agile. Their conclusion: There is none … continue reading

Year in Review: ALM

Agile and ALM drifted even closer together, and ALM took its first big steps into the cloud … continue reading

W3C releases mobile development ‘best practices’

Key recommendations included recognizing device limitations and optimizing applications’ response times … continue reading

Ravenflow helps diagram the cloud

Using natural language text input, RAVEN Cloud can generate diagrams for business processes in cloud environments … continue reading

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