Hey @meetdux, it’s Dave .. ready? For those living under a rock, please take a sec to tell us about what you do..

@SPTechCon I’m a managing partner w/ @innovative_e – we help deliver the biz value of SharePoint!

So @meetdux will be busy at #SPTechCon.. giving a keynote on Thursday. What will you be talking about?

@SPTechCon Keynote will be at Delivering SharePoint Success – I’ll share practical tips on how to best reap biz benefits of SharePoint!

@meetdux.. I sense a common theme.. delivering biz value of #SharePoint. How do organizations maximize this?

@SPTechCon I’m seeing a lot of orgs in a situation where “We’ve got SharePoint, now what?” …

Quick tip to think about how to get started in reaping biz benefits of SharePoint …

Have a baby-step mindset, look at low hanging biz problems that affects a lot of folks in the org …

such as meeting artifact management, instead of relying on email, leverage SP OOB meeting workspaces + promote the benefit

So if u address day to day biz problems 1st, and biz users see benefit right away, u get better chances at SharePoint success!

Great… @meetdux is a PMP (tho he doesn’t dress like one!).. Talk about how Project Server and #SharePoint work together..

@SPTechCon In 2010, SharePoint + Project Server is much more integrated. PS sits on top of SP Enterprise …

Project Server is a very powerful, enterprise portfolio + project management (PPM) platform …

Project Server 2010 works with #MSProject Pro 2010 in addition to SP ENT 2010!

It sure does… Can you give us a sneak peek at your “Project for the Masses” launch at #SPTechCon?

@SPTechCon Nxt week, @cfiessinger @sjam and myself will be launching 2 FREE #MSProject + SharePoint solutions http://spgur.us/kg5cSm …

The #MSProject solution I will be demoing is called “MS Project for The Masses” #MSPFM http://spgur.us/ljvGqu ….

@SPTechCon #MSPFM = scenario-based cookbook solution that provides guidance 2 orgs who wants 2 better manage their projects + resources

#MSPFM scenario is an IT org w/ 50-100 resources, bunch of projects w/c helps answers questions like ….

How many more developers do I need in the next fiscal year based on our work this year?

I’d like to see what resource 1 is doing in the next 3 weeks for all the projects s/he is workin on …

#MSPFM includes whitepaper, MS project plan, how to videos, config docs, etc ….

Goal of #MSPFM is to reduce complexity of setting up a PM platform w/ #MSProject, SharePoint, PS

Best of all #MSPFM is a FREE solution

Tnx again for those who joined this @SPTechCon Twitterview – see you next week in Boston