Hi, @buckleyplanet, please start by telling us a little about yourself and your experiences with #SharePoint, #SPTechCon

@SPTechCon I have been involved with #SharePoint since 2005 when I tried to get WSS2.0 and Project Server working #SPTechCon
@SPTechCon That didn’t go so well, but having been working with various collaboration and KM platforms since the late 90’s, I stuck with it
@SPTechCon My background is primarily running PM and BA teams
@SPTechCon I was also part of the Microsoft Managed Services team, which is now BPOS-Dedicated
@SPTechCon My current role is Director of Product Evangelism for Axceler. I talk a lot about migration, administration, social, governance

Great, @buckleyplanet, what topics will you be presenting at #SPTechCon? #SharePoint

@SPTechCon At #SPTechCon I have 3 sessions: a #SharePoint 101 class with @gvaro that will be fun and informative, 9 Ways to Be a SP Rockstar
@SPTechCon I am also doing sessions on understanding your metadata strategy, and data/site transformation as part of #SharePoint migrations

Metadata seems like a fairly simple concept, @buckleyplanet. What are the problems or the pitfalls in implementing a strategy? #SPTechCon

@SPTechCon a simple concept, yes, but people tend to skip over the initial work and then find themselves with a mess on their hands later
@SPTechCon the secret is to map out how your system is utilizing metadata today, use it as a guide for building your future system
@SPTechCon having content types, various keyword taxonomies, and ownership mapped out will help you to organize your governance model too
@SPTechCon I think people miss the fact that metadata is the fundamental element that makes #SharePoint work. You MUST have a strategy

Alright, @buckleyplanet. Is it easier if you haven’t used metadata before than to reorganize what you already have? #SPTechCon #SharePoint

@SPTechCon there are pros and cons to both. As far as assigning metadata, its easiest during a migration or new #SharePoint deployment
@SPTechCon but having a messy (but existing) taxonomy means people are using something, and they at least kind of “get it”

Since you mentioned migration, @buckleyplanet, your #SPTechCon session talks about transformation. What does that mean? #SharePoint

@SPTechCon transformation means not just moving from A to B, but in changing what is being moved, improving it #SPTechCon #SharePoint
@SPTechCon that could mean metadata, templates, site structure, navigation, new features — all of it #SPTechCon #SharePoint
@SPTechCon the point is: garbage in, garbage out. Don’t just move your mess. Fix the problems. Transform #SharePoint as you migrate
@SPTechCon I always refer to migration as an iceberg — most people just look at what is above the surface. Transforming is everything below

Got it! So, @buckleyplanet, one last thing… How do you define a “#SharePoint Rock Star?” #SPTechCon

@SPTechCon its all about the attitude 😉 #SharePoint #SPTechCon
@SPTechCon that, and being the person who can help the team to be more productive, quickly #SharePoint #SPTechCon

Awesome… Bring that attitude to #SPTechCon! Isn’t there some discount code people can use for $200 off, @buckleyplanet? #SharePoint

@SPTechCon Actually, before 5/13 they can use my name BUCKLEY and get $500 off the regular price! #SPTechCon #SharePoint

You are right, @buckleyplanet! Thank you so much for participating in our “Twitterview.” See you in Boston at #SPTechCon! #SharePoint

@SPTechCon see you soon! Thanks #SharePoint

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