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SPC or SPTechCon: What’s the difference?

Speakers at SPTechCon don’t have to toe Microsoft’s line, and can explain what the announcements at SPC mean for you … continue reading

The future of SharePoint: Live from SPTechCon

Karuana Gatimu outlined the enhancements coming for SharePoint’s social collaboration features … continue reading

Atrion, sponsoring & presenting at SPTechCon, unveils new services

Atrion will launch three new SharePoint services, and Senior Technical Director Jason Himmelstein will give two presentations … continue reading

Accellion increases mobile productivity for Microsoft SharePoint users

New capabilities extend secure collaboration and file sharing within SharePoint user interface … continue reading

Lightning Tools updates permissions management tool for SharePoint 2013

DeliverPoint empowers users to see accurate permission reports on managed sites, lists and documents … continue reading

RAMP unveils beta of RAMP for SharePoint Online at SPTechCon Boston

Solution leverages RAMP’s MediaCloud platform to provide secure, cloud-based video management within Microsoft … continue reading

Cryptzone reveals the extent to which confidential content is left unprotected in SharePoint

The SharePoint Security Survey details how many SharePoint organizations have inadequate security and governance measures … continue reading

Kodak helps SPTechCon attendees better manage their most valuable documents using Microsoft SharePoint

Experts at the Kodak booth will help attendees optimize SharePoint and automate workflows that process valuable documents … continue reading

Cryptzone extends support for latest Microsoft software technologies in its Simple Encryption Platform modules

New version of its SEP client delivers improved support to Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Outlook 2013 and Windows 8 … continue reading

Only the best for SPTechCon attendees

What makes a speaker so good? We’ve figured that out over the years, constantly keeping our roster in shape … continue reading

How to get the most from SPTechCon

With SharePoint 2013 upon us, it’s very important to maximize how much you (and your company) can take away from SPTechCon … continue reading

Microsoft shows the future of SharePoint

Jared Spataro used his SPTechCon keynote to outline what Microsoft has in store for SharePoint, mainly its focus on the cloud … continue reading Protection Status