Lightning Tools today announced a new release of its SharePoint permissions management tool, DeliverPoint. The announcement was made at SPTechCon, the SharePoint Technology Conference produced by BZ Media, being held this week in Boston.
DeliverPoint is an in-context SharePoint permissions management tool that empowers users to see accurate permission reports on the sites, lists, and documents (objects) that those users manage. The focus for DeliverPoint is very much on the business user. The creator and manager of confidential business documents is usually the best-informed person when it comes to knowing who should and shouldn’t see confidential documents. DeliverPoint enables such users to view exactly who has permissions to his or her documents immediately and within context of the object itself.
Recently an organization blamed Microsoft SharePoint for the leaking of highly confidential information. SharePoint does offer excellent security, but it is often misread or misunderstood. This is often caused by libraries inheriting permissions, or implicit granting of permissions without awareness. In other words, you think that only certain users can access your documents, when in fact many more people can. DeliverPoint overcomes this by reporting precisely the users with permissions, inherited or otherwise.
Users often see ‘Limited Access’ as the permission granted to certain users and assume that this means they cannot see the document. Unfortunately, that is not the case. SharePoint often reports users as having limited access even though their permissions could be higher, such as ‘Full Control’. DeliverPoint overcomes that issue and displays not only the actual permission for the every user, but also how the permission was granted.
DeliverPoint has been used by many organizations since Microsoft launched SharePoint 2003. At SPTechCon, Lightning Tools will be officially launching DeliverPoint for SharePoint 2013, along with new features for DeliverPoint 2010.