The project management platform Asana has announced the beta for Asana AI Teammates, which is an AI assistant that can help teams determine their priorities, create workflows, and take action on work. 

Teammates adapt to the team’s way of working and can identify areas where workflows can be improved and share resources to inform work. 

“The future of work is about combining humans and AI to work together effortlessly – this is the way to drive productivity and innovation gains that bring value to the bottom line,” said Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder and CEO at Asana. “We’re able to do this better than anyone else because we built Asana on the Work Graph, which provides the necessary structure to link work and workflows to organizational goals. This is what makes AI teammates highly effective coworkers.”

An example of Asana AI Teammates in action would be a marketing team for a cybersecurity company using it to create tailored marketing content, translate content using an internal library of brand terms, highlighting key information on incoming requests, and enforcing naming conventions, Asana explained. 

In addition to this new feature, the company also announced a new AI chat interface that users can utilize to ask questions like “What blockers are putting this goal at risk?” or “Who at my company knows about this topic?” This chat feature is expected to be available later this month. 

“Research is already showing us that 89% of workers who use AI on a daily basis experience productivity gains,” says Alex Hood, chief product officer at Asana. “Pairing humans with AI has dramatically boosted our collective productivity. Customers are thrilled, and we’re uncovering endless new use cases as people delegate tasks to their Asana AI teammates, freeing them to focus on high-impact work.”