Google announced updates and new features in MakerSuite aimed at helping AI makers easily create AI applications with Google’s large generative models.

The tool is being expanded to cover 179 countries and territories, including anyone with a Google Workspace account. This means that more developers than ever can sign up to create AI applications with the latest language model, PaLM 2.

Three new helpful features include the ability to automatically optimize text prompts, enable dark mode, and to import and export data with Google Sheets and CSV to save time and collaborate effectively.

“This can save you time by eliminating the need to recreate data that you have already created. It can also help you collaborate more effectively with others by allowing you to share your results easily,” Google wrote in a blog post

According to Google, MakerSuite simplifies the process of prototyping generative AI concepts for various applications such as text generation, data manipulation, and chat scenarios. With just a single click, MakerSuite enables users to transform their prompts into code that is ready for production and can be seamlessly used in development platforms like Colab. 

Utilizing an intuitive user interface, MakerSuite facilitates the initiation of prototyping using the PaLM API and the management of one’s API key.