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Google to use AI to create personalized ads

Google has developed a conversational technology within Google Ads intended to help create campaigns and simplify navigating Search ads by merging the user’s understanding with Google AI. Marketers can give Google AI the landing page they want for their campaign and it will provide a summary of it. From there, it will give keywords, titles, … continue reading

Google will soon add AI features to Colab

Google will be making some AI enhancements to its Colab offering, which is a browser-based tool for writing and executing Python code, that is often used by beginners to learn how to code without needing to set up a coding environment. The tool will soon incorporate AI coding features such as code completion, the ability … continue reading

Google removes waitlist for Bard, highlights recent and upcoming improvements

Earlier this year, Google announced Bard, a generative AI solution meant to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Previously the only way to use Bard was to get on the waitlist, but now the company is announcing that it is removing that waitlist and opening Bard up to all. With this announcement, Bard will be available in … continue reading

Google announces updates to Android, Google Cloud, Workspaces, Google Play, and more at Google I/O

Today at Google I/O 2023, Google’s developer conference, several updates to Google products and services were announced in order to offer developers improved experiences. Among these announcements was the launch of the Watch Face Format. This offers developers a new way to build watch faces for Wear OS smartwatches with a declarative XML format to … continue reading

Google begins its passwordless future with support for passkeys

Last year, Google announced it was starting to work on adding support for passkeys, which is an authentication method that allows users to sign in with a fingerprint, facial recognition, or PIN code, similar to how you unlock your phone.  Today the company is announcing that passkeys can now be used to sign into your … continue reading

Google launches inaugural North American Google for Startups Accelerator

Google’s North American Google for Startups Accelerator Cloud is aimed at supporting startups that are developing cloud-based solutions.  The accelerator will provide a 10-week program for 8-12 startups and will offer them access to Google Cloud resources, mentorship, technical expertise, and networking opportunities.  Startup founders and leaders can also benefit from deep dives and workshops … continue reading

Google announces an expansion to Bard’s development capabilities

The team at Google recently announced an expansion to the software development tasks included in Bard, the company’s conversational artificial intelligence chatbot. This adds the ability to help users with programming and software development tasks such as code generation, code debugging, and code explanation.  These features have been launched in over 20 different programming languages, … continue reading

Android Studio Flamingo released with several UI improvements

Google announced that the latest version of its IDE for building Android apps, Android Studio Flamingo, is now stable. The new release of the IDE includes improvements to help build UIs with Live Edit, new features that assist with inspecting apps, IntelliJ updates, and more.  Developers can build an app using Compose by pushing code … continue reading

Android 14 Beta 1 shows new back arrow for gesture navigation

The Android development team at Google is ready with the first beta version of Android 14. Beta 1 is available for developers enrolled in the Android Beta program.  In this release, developers can expect updates to the system UI, additional graphics capabilities, and privacy and security features.  The UI has been updated with a more … continue reading

Google attempting to combat spread of misinformation with new Search features

Google announced five new ways to help users find accurate information more easily and to combat the spread of misinformation online. One improvement is the “About this result” feature soon available in all languages where Search is offered. This feature aims to help users assess information and its origin.  When searching on Google, users will … continue reading

Google outlines four principles for responsible AI

With all the uptake over AI technology like GPT over the past several months, many are thinking about the ethical responsibility in AI development. According to Google, responsible AI means not just avoiding risks, but also finding ways to improve people’s lives and address social and scientific problems, as these new technologies have applications in … continue reading

Google is partnering with Replit to provide AI-assisted IDE

Replit announced a partnership with Google Cloud to provide cloud infrastructure and services to Replit users. Standalone chat LLMs don’t have a project’s context and can’t be used to their full potential until they’re brought into an IDE, according to the Replit team in a blog post. The new partnership with Google Cloud aims to … continue reading

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