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SD Times news digest: Quick Base Sandbox, Google Pay’s Business Console, and XML Spy

Quick Base has announced a new way for business professionals to work with IT and test low-code applications. The new Sandbox capability enables cross-functional teams to quickly create and optimize business-critical applications without risking disruption. Sandbox provides a place to easily collaborate with IT when making changes to new and existing workflows, while giving IT … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Google cancels I/O 2020, Intel opens oneAPI DevCloud, and GraphQL Mesh

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Google announced that it is completely cancelling its I/O Developers Event that was set to happen May 12 – 14th. “Please know that we remain committed to sharing ongoing Android updates with you through our developer blogs and community forums,” Google wrote in a tweet.  Intel opens oneAPI DevCloud for … continue reading

SD Times news digest: CData raises $20 million for data connectivity, Split adds data integration to Google Analytics, and GitHub’s Security Bug Bounty Program

CData announced a $20 million Series A investment round from Updata Partners that will be used to accelerate the rollout of new data connectivity solutions.  The company offers real-time drivers and data connectivity solutions for hundreds of SaaS, NoSQL, and Big Data sources that enable modern and legacy applications to connect with cloud data. Updata … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Android 11 Developer Preview 2, Eclipse 4.15, and Apache Samza 1.4 released

Google has released the second developer preview of its upcoming operating system. Android 11 Preview 2 is for developers only and includes a 5G state API to let users quickly check whether the user is currently on a 5G radio or non-standalone network, hinge angles for foldables, call screening service improvements, and new controls in … continue reading

Google introduces Cloud AI Platform Pipelines

Google launched the beta of Cloud AI Platform Pipelines, which combines repeatable machine learning pipelines along with monitoring, auditing, version tracking, and reproducibility. It aims to deliver an enterprise-ready, easy to install, secure execution environment for ML workflows. AI Platform Pipelines were created because machine learning workflows can involve many steps with dependencies on each … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Next.js 9.3, Visual Studio 1.43 release, and Google Cloud for Student Developers

The latest version of the React framework Next.js is now available. Next.js 9.3 includes next-gen static site generation (SSG) support, preview mode to bypass statistically generated pages to display drafts from a CMS, built-in Sass support for Global Stylesheets, built-in Sass CSS Module support for component-level styles, and more.  According to the team, all of … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Google releases Fuchsia programming language policy, McAfee acquires Light Point Security, and Yugabyte DB 2.1

Google has released a new document describing what programming languages the Fuchsia project uses and supports for production software on the target device, both within the Fuchsia Platform Source Tree and for end-developers building for Fuchsia outside the Fuchsia Source Platform Tree. Fuchsia is the company’s open-source capability-based operating system. According to the document, the … continue reading

Google announces first developer preview of Android 11

The Android team is revealing its plans for the next version of its operating system. The first developer preview of Android 11 is now out and features new capabilities for foldable phones, 5G, call-screening, and machine learning.  Developers can download the system image for Pixel 2, 3, 3a or 4 devices.  “Android has led the … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Experimental Mobile Blazor bindings announced, The bipartisan Modernization Centers of Excellence Program Act, Google discontinues support for JSON-RPC and Global HTTP Batch Endpoints

The first experimental release of Mobile Blazor Bindings was released with a new BoxView, CheckBox, ImageButton, ProgressBar, and Slider components.  Xamarin.Essentials were included, and several properties, events, and other APIs were added to existing components.  The release also makes it easier to get from a Blazor component reference to the Xamarin.Forms control. The full details … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Google acquires Looker, GitHub CLI now in beta, and Ionic 5 released

Google completed the acquisition of Looker, which will offer customers an analytics solution that integrates and visualizes insights at every layer of business.  As more organizations adopt a multi-cloud strategy, Looker customers and partners can expect continued support of all cloud data management systems like Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL, Snowflake, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and … continue reading

Google gives developers access to Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Google is continuing to try to make Google Glass a reality. The company just announced the Enterprise Edition 2 is now available to developers.  The smart glasses were first announced in 2013 with a consumer focus, but after interest quickly died down the company set its sights into making the device available to enterprises. The … continue reading

Google files its opening Supreme Court brief in the Oracle Java lawsuit

Oracle sued Google back in 2010 for copyright infringement and the ongoing court case has seen triumphs for both sides. Most recently, Google filed its opening Supreme Court brief in the case.  Oracle filed the copyright infringement lawsuit seeking at least $8 billion, and accusing Google of using their software code in their own Android … continue reading

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