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Google releases Gemma, a new AI model designed with AI researchers in mind

Google is building on the success of its Gemini launch with the release of a new family of lightweight AI models called Gemma. The Gemma models are open and are designed to be used by researchers and developers to innovate safely with AI.  “We believe the responsible release of LLMs is critical for improving the … continue reading

Android 15 developer preview out now

The Android development team has just announced the first developer preview of Android 15.  “Android 15 continues our work to build a platform that helps improve your productivity while giving you new capabilities to produce superior media experiences, minimize battery impact, maximize smooth app performance, and protect user privacy and security all on the most … continue reading

Google to transfer developers to Federated Credential Management API in April for cookie-free user authentication

Continuing on its plan of phasing out third-party cookies from Chrome this year, Google has announced that in a couple of months it will be using the Federated Credential Management (FedCM) API as a cookie-free alternative to signing in using Google Identity Services (GIS). GIS allows users to sign into apps or websites using their … continue reading

Linux Foundation forms Post-Quantum Cryptography Alliance

The Linux Foundation has recently launched the Post-Quantum Cryptography Alliance (PQCA), a collaborative effort aimed at advancing and facilitating the adoption of post-quantum cryptography in response to the emerging threats of quantum computing.  This alliance assembles diverse stakeholders, including industry leaders, researchers, and developers, focusing on creating high-assurance software implementations of standardized algorithms. The initiative … continue reading

New Android feature prompts users to update outdated versions of apps

Android developers are getting a new feature to help get their users off of outdated versions of their apps.  A new feature in Play Console’s recovery tools will prompt users who are running an older version to update to the latest compatible version.  According to the Android developer team, Google Play already offers auto-updates and … continue reading

Google’s Project IDX now provides iOS and Android simulators directly in the browser

Google today announced several updates to Project IDX, which is a web-based workspace for building multi-platform applications.  Among the updates are the addition of iOS and Android simulators, which can be accessed directly in the browser; templates for frameworks and languages such as Astro, Go, Python, and others; and package manager updates.  “In addition to … continue reading

Year in Review: Security

As we bid farewell to another year, it is crucial to reflect on the threats of cyberattacks and ransomware and think of how to mitigate them moving forward. However, this year feels a bit different – marked by the unknown of what challenges AI will bring to the security landscape in the new year.  This … continue reading

Google announces next step in plan to phase out cookies

Google is testing Tracking Protection for Chrome as a feature that limits cross-site tracking. This new feature is part of Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative to responsibly phase out third-party cookies, which involves creating new tools for sites that serve essential functions and granting developers time to adapt.  The introduction of Tracking Protection begins with a … continue reading

Google’s Duet AI for Developers is now generally available

Google is announcing the general availability of Duet AI for Developers, a developer specific implementation of Duet AI, which is a conversational AI service.  Duet AI for Developers is an AI-based coding assistance tool that integrates directly into your IDE. It offers developers capabilities like code completion, code generation, chat, and Smart Actions, which are … continue reading

Google’s Gemini Pro now available to developers via Google AI Studio and Vertex AI

After announcing its new multimodal AI model Gemini last week, Google is making several announcements today to enable developers to build with it.  When first announced, Google said that Gemini will come in three different versions, each tailored to a different size or complexity requirement. In order from largest to smallest, Gemini is available in … continue reading

Google unveils Gemini, a new multimodal AI model

Google has announced its latest AI model, Gemini, which was built from the start to be multimodal so that it could interpret information in multiple formats, spanning text, code, audio, image, and video. According to Google, the typical approach for creating a multimodal model involves training components for different information formats separately and then combining … continue reading

Google unveils several changes to support growth of Android developers and their apps

The Android development team is making several changes aimed at supporting Android developers and their growth.  It is adding new capabilities around creating and managing Google Play listings, including the ability to save listings as drafts, schedule listings to publish at a specific time, and test listings with a portion of your audience.  This follows … continue reading

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