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IoXt extends security compliance program for mobile apps and VPNs

In an effort to standardize mobile security, 20 different companies in collaboration with the Internet of Security Things Alliance (ioXt) worked on adding a new set of security and privacy requirements for mobile apps and VPNs. Google, Amazon, NowSecure, NCC Group, DEKRA, Onware Security, and 7layers are among the companies who helped contribute to the … continue reading

Google unveils logic programming language: Logica

Google introduced the open-source Logica programming language this week. It is designed to compile to SQL and run on Google BigQuery with experimental support for PostgreSQL and SQLite.  According to the company, the language was created to make it easier for developers who have to deal with the challenges of SQL. The challenges with coding … continue reading

Google’s AppSheet Automation no-code platform now generally available

Google has announced it is making its no-code platform AppSheet Automation generally available. The platform was first announced last fall.  AppSheet Automation helps companies automate their manual tasks and focus more of their time and effort on high-impact work. Its Intelligent Document Processing feature, for example, allows users to automatically extract unstructured data from documents … continue reading

Android Open Source Project now supports Rust

In an effort to ensure Android is secure and stable, Google has announced the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) will support Rust for developing the operating system. According to the company, memory safety bugs continue to plague code and memory-safe programming languages like Kotlin, Java and Rust help prevent these bugs from happening in the … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Google allows devs to customize KPIs on Google Play Console, Apollo Federation updates, Django 3.2 released

The Google Play metrics help users understand an app’s performance across growth and acquisition, engagement and monetization, quality and churn.  Now, users can customize and pin the precise metrics that matter to their business in a personalized KPIs section at the top of their app dashboard. Users can also include up to 20 KPIs in … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Supreme Court ruling for Google’s use of Java the right call

In a case that wound through the courts for a decade, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled that Google’s use of Java in its Android operating system did not infringe upon Oracle’s copyright. The ruling could have broad implications in how software is created. At the heart of the case is Google’s use of … continue reading

TypeScript logo

SD Times news digest: TypeScript 4.3 beta, Pluralsight Skills platform free for the month of April, and Julia 1.6

TypeScript 4.3 beta introduces separate write types on properties, an ‘override’ and the ‘–noImplicitOverride’ flag, template string type improvements and more.  When a method is marked with ‘override,’ TypeScript will always make sure that a method with the same name exists in the base class. If writing override on a method isn’t added, the new … continue reading

Visualization of FLoC cohorts

Google rolls out FLoC as privacy-preserving alternative to third-party cookie tracking

In an attempt to improve user privacy while still providing a viable way for publishers to make money through advertising, Google is adding Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) as a developer origin trial in Chrome.  According to the company, when other browsers started blocking third-party cookies, advertisers and sites began putting up workarounds. In many … continue reading

Android 12 Developer Preview 2 focuses on trust and safety

The Android team has released Android 12 Developer Preview 2 today, which focuses on trust and safety, better user experience tools, and app compatibility. Features that will improve trust and safety in the upcoming Android version include the ability to control whether app overlays are still shown when that app is open, extended security for … continue reading

Flutter expands web support in major update

Google wants to change the way developers think about building apps with a major release of its UI software development kit. Flutter 2 features the ability to create native apps that target the five top operating systems — iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux — all from the same codebase.  “Flutter allows you to handcraft … continue reading

Google details three common mainframe modernization mistakes

As more organizations embark on mainframe modernization journeys, Google wants to make sure they head down the right path. The company outlined common pitfalls and antipatterns businesses face when migrating or modernizing their workloads.  “Migrating or modernizing your mainframe workloads is complex and challenging, even under ideal conditions,” Travis Webb, solutions architect at Googe, wrote … continue reading

Google to fund two full-time Linux kernel security developers

Google and the Linux Foundation have announced plans to maintain and improve Linux’s long-term security. As part of the plan, the organizations will prioritize funds to underwrite long-time Linux kernel maintainers Gustavo Silva and Nathan Chancellor as full-time developers focused on Linux kernel security development.  This decision follows a survey by the Linux Foundation’s Open … continue reading

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