IBM unveiled three new embeddable AI libraries to reduce the barriers for AI adoption and to address the AI skills shortage. 

The models include the same language processing and speech libraries that IBM uses to power its own IBM Watson software. 

One of the new libraries is IBM Watson Natural Language Processing Library (NLP), designed to help developers provide capabilities to process human language to derive context. The library offers algorithmic choice and modular design so that natural language AI can be deployed in any environment. It can also analyze sentiment to determine if a customer is happy or dissatisfied and show why. 

The second library, IBM Watson Speech to Text Library was designed to enable speech transcription and to turn it into usable and searchable text. 

Lastly, the IBM Watson Text to Speech Library can convert written text into natural sounding audio for real-time speech synthesis. 

“Enterprises must commit to a significant investment in expertise, resources and time required to build, deploy and manage AI-powered solutions,” said Kate Woolley, the general manager at IBM Ecosystem. “By bringing to market the same portfolio of embeddable AI technology that powers our industry-leading IBM Watson products, we are helping Ecosystem partners more efficiently deliver AI experiences that can drive business value for their clients.”