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IBM THINK: New open source Granite models, watsonx capabilities, and IBM Concert

IBM hosted its annual conference, THINK, this week, and at the event it unveiled its current strategy and vision around AI, along with several innovations to back it up.  One of the points CEO Arvind Krishna touched on in his opening keynote is the desire to invest in and contribute to the open-source AI community.  … continue reading

IBM acquires HashiCorp for $6.4 billion

IBM has unveiled its intention to acquire HashiCorp in a huge $6.4 billion acquisition that is expected to close later this year.  IBM says that the goal with this acquisition is to create “a comprehensive end-to-end hybrid cloud platform.” HashiCorp’s portfolio includes a number of popular tools, including Terraform for infrastructure as code provisioning, Vault … continue reading

IBM and Meta lead 50 other organizations to form global AI Alliance

IBM and Meta have come together — along with 50 other organizations — to form the AI Alliance, “a group of leading organizations across industry, startup, academia, research and government coming together to support open innovation and open science in AI.” By bringing together a diverse set of types of organizations, the AI Alliance hopes … continue reading

IBM has announced the upcoming general availability of watsonx.governance in early December

IBM has announced the upcoming general availability of watsonx.governance in early December.  This tool aims to address challenges associated with generative AI, which is powered by large language models (LLM) or foundation models. While such AI models offer various business use cases, they also bring risks and complexities, such as the use of unverified training … continue reading

IBM launches $500 million enterprise AI venture fund to invest in AI companies

IBM is launching a $500 million venture fund to invest in AI companies at various stages of development. The fund’s focus is on advancing generative AI technology and research for businesses, from early-stage startups to those in hyper-growth stages. According to IBM, the approach it is taking with the Enterprise AI Venture Fund is unique … continue reading

IBM launches watsonx Code Assistant for Z to help with modernizing COBOL applications

IBM has launched its watsonx Code Assistant, which targets multiple use cases: IT automation and application modernization.  The product consists of two main components at launch: watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed and watsonx Code Assistant for Z.  Watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed uses generative AI to assist IT teams … continue reading

IBM announces first release of watsonx Granite model

IBM has announced the release of the first models in the watsonx Granite series, which utilize generative AI for language and code tasks.  These models come in various sizes to cater to different business needs and are based on a decoder-only architecture. They can be used to scale AI in various ways, such as generating … continue reading

IBM’s watsonx begins its official rollout

IBM has announced that watsonx is generally available and has begun its rollout to enterprises. Watsonx is an AI and data platform that was first unveiled by IBM at the IBM Think conference in May.  Watsonx consists of three parts:, which is a studio for building foundation models, generative AI, and machine learning, … continue reading

IBM releases watsonx platform to power next-generation foundation models for AI

Today IBM announced a new AI and data platform called watsonx that is intended to allow enterprises to scale and accelerate the impact of AI with trusted data.  IBM is offering an AI development studio with access to IBM-curated and trained foundation models and open-source models, access to a data store so users can gather … continue reading

Report: Many people interested in STEM career change, but not sure how to get there

While many people are interested in pursuing a career in STEM, a lot of them don’t feel super familiar with the career options in the field.  According to a study based on 14,000 interviews conducted by IBM and Morning Consult, 40% of respondents stated they don’t know where to start to make this career change.  … continue reading

IBM announces new analytics platform to break down data silos

IBM today announced new software designed to assist enterprises in breaking down data and analytics silos, allowing them to make data-driven decisions quickly and navigate disruptions. IBM Business Analytics Enterprise is a suite of business intelligence planning, budgeting, reporting, forecasting, and dashboard capabilities intended to provide users with a full view of data sources across … continue reading

Moving off ECC environments to SAP/S4HANA

With only about one quarter of SAP customers having moved from their existing ECC environments to S/4HANA, it’s clear businesses are looking for guidance on the best way to manage such a transformative migration. This hesitancy is understandable – SAP S/4HANA represents more than a technical upgrade, it’s a major functional change. That means IT … continue reading

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