As data becomes increasingly important for businesses and users, more and more organizations are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning for data protection. Newly released data from TIBCO Software found that data security is the top use case for ML and AI in the workplace. Data security includes risk identification, early detection, operational improvement and corrective action.

“Continued bad press and negative business impact from data breaches and privacy issues are top of mind these days for consumers and corporations,” said Shawn Rogers, senior director of global engagement, digital content and analytic strategy at TIBCO. “The volume and velocity of security-centric data need technologies like AI / ML to help identify issues early and automatically as the “data gravity” with this sort of information is too heavy to analyze without it.”

While about 28 percent of respondents are using AI and ML for sophisticated data security, around 24 percent are using technology to implement real-time analytics to identify fraud, pricing and product offers. Another 24 percent are using AI and ML for personalized data visualizations and dashboards. Other use cases include sales and revenue forecasting and personal security.

“People, data, and technology form the nucleus of innovation and executives across all industries need all three working together for success,”  said Rogers.

In another study from TIBCO, the company found experts are deploying AI and ML at a far greater rate than beginners to boost innovation. While 46.2 percent of experts responded to using AI and ML solutions, only 14.2 percent of digital beginners said they did.

“This adoption of advanced solutions enables digital transformation leaders to create a wide variety of use cases. Digital beginners struggle to leverage this advanced technology, creating a competitive gap. AI and ML have expanded the use cases companies can utilize,” TIBCO stated in its findings.