Trying to learn a programming language as extensive as JavaScript can be complex and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Since JavaScript is so widely used and so well known, there are plenty of resources developers can access; and if the wide variety of documents are too boring…there are even some games!

WarriorJS is a game that turns developers into warriors with a mission to get to the top of a tower, or learn JavaScript and artificial intelligence.

“You play as a warrior climbing a tall tower to <insert something that motivates you here> at the top level. On each floor, you need to write JavaScript (with full ECMAScript 2015 support) to instruct the warrior to battle enemies, rescue captives, and reach the stairs,” according to the project’s GitHub page.

The objective is to control the warrior to do through code and commands. Each level is designed to be even more challenging in order to expand and grow your JavaScript skills. Developers won’t be able to go back and change their code in the middle of a level; they have to take into account the entire level and design their instructions from the start.

Not only are developers trying to learn the programming language, but they will also compete for the highest score.

Developers can perform actions such as walking or attacking in a certain direction, and players can use their senses to search their way around.

There is also a README available to help users if they get stuck during the game.

“Remember, you’re working in JavaScript here. Don’t simply fill up the playTurn method with a lot of code. Organize it with methods and classes,” advises the project.

Top 5 projects trending on GitHub this week
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#3. Mac CLI: Mac Command Line tools for developers.

#4. You Don’t Know JS: You think you know JavaScript, but you don’t. This book series will fill you in.

#5. Data Science: A way to teach yourself data science for free! Uh oh, looks like FreeCodeCamp might have a fierce competitor. We shall see next week…