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Node.js 22 is now available

Node.js 22 is now available with a number of new features, such as support for “require()” for synchronous ECMAScript (ES) module graphs, which is currently an experimental feature. When the experimental module is enabled and “require()” tries to load an ES module, if it is both explicitly marked as an ES module and is fully … continue reading

TypeScript 5.4 adds NoInfer utility type

Microsoft just announced that TypeScript 5.4 is now available. TypeScript is an extension to JavaScript that adds static types to the language, and it was created and is maintained by Microsoft. TypeScript 5.4 introduces features like the NoInfer utility type, the ability to preserve type refinements for closures that were created past the last assignment, … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: FastUI

FastUI enables developers to create user interfaces through declarative Python code. This framework is particularly beneficial for Python developers, as it allows them to build responsive web applications with React without needing to write JavaScript or interact with npm. It offers frontend developers the advantage of focusing on crafting reusable components, eliminating the need to … continue reading

Syncfusion Releases Essential Studio 2023 Volume 4

Syncfusion today released volume 4 of its 2023 Essential Studio with new controls for its .NET MAUI app UI framework, its Blazor component library and its JavaScript offering. “Our teams were focused on enriching our current controls and file-format libraries with a lot of functionality, including multiple improvements on all platforms for one of our … continue reading

Node.js 21 is here with updated V8 engine and test runner improvements

The team behind Node.js has announced the release of Node.js 21. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that is built on the JavaScript engine that Chrome uses, V8.  One of the main updates in this release is that the V8 engine was updated to version 11.8.  “Updating the V8 engine offers crucial benefits: bug fixes enhance … continue reading

Node.js 20 released with new experimental permission model

The new permission model was designed to provide better security. It allows developers to restrict access to certain resources during program execution. This can include restricting access to the file system and spawn process and restricting the ability to create worker_threads.  According to the feature roadmap, upcoming additions to the permission model will include adoption … continue reading

TypeScript 5.0 implements new ECMAScript “decorators” standard

Microsoft has officially released the latest version of its JavaScript-based language TypeScript.  According to Microsoft, TypeScript 5.0 is not a particularly disruptive release, which means the upgrade process should be relatively simple.  This release includes a number of new features and improvements that make the language smaller, simpler, and faster.  Among the updates is that … continue reading

TypeScript 5.0 beta adds support for Decorators

Microsoft announced the beta for TypeScript 5.0, the next major release of the JavaScript-based programming language.  With 5.0, Microsoft is working to make the language smaller, simpler, and faster. For example, the 5.0 beta takes 81% of the time to build VS Code that would take TypeScript 4.9 to do so.  These performance improvements were … continue reading

Increasing Performance Of Angular Apps Through Change Detection And Component Reusing

Whether you are building enterprise applications, progressive web apps or e-commerce apps, there are many methods for enhancing your Angular application’s performance. Some of the best ways for achieving high-performing and more efficient Angular apps is through change detection and component reusing. You may be wondering how change detection works in Angular or how to … continue reading

Node.js 19 is now available

The Node.js team has released Node.js 19, which updates the V8 JavaScript engine to version 10.7 and enables HTTP(s)/1.1 KeepAlive by default. Version 10.7 of the V8 JavaScript engine adds to the JavaScript API the latest version of Intl.NumberFormat, which lets developers create a formatter instance that is reusable and that supports locale-aware number formatting.  … continue reading

SD Times Open Source Project of the Week: workerd

Cloudflare recently announced workerd, its new open-source JavaScript/Wasm runtime that is based on the same code that powers Cloudflare Workers. While workerd does share the majority of its code with the runtime that powers Cloudfare Workers, it has been modified in order to make it more portable to other environments.  Workerd can be used to … continue reading

Why the web framework hype train is always moving

JavaScript frameworks are a useful tool for developers because they help developers be more efficient by eliminating the need to rewrite boilerplate code for a new app or download individual libraries.  Mozilla describes them as follows in one of its documentation pages: “A framework is a library that offers opinions about how software gets built. … continue reading

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