Syncfusion today released volume 4 of its 2023 Essential Studio with new controls for its .NET MAUI app UI framework, its Blazor component library and its JavaScript offering.

“Our teams were focused on enriching our current controls and file-format libraries with a lot of functionality, including multiple improvements on all platforms for one of our oldest and most popular controls, the DataGrid,” said Syncfusion CEO Daniel Jebaraj. 

There are six new .NET MAUI controls in this release: Cards, Carousel, Navigation Drawer, Pull to Refresh, Sunburst Chart and Switch. These enhancements are especially important now with Xamarin approaching end-of-life, and .NET MAUI being seen as the best alternative for cross-platform UI creation. Applications created in .NET MAUI can run on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android systems, all from a single code base.

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Beyond the new controls, updates have been made to existing .NET MAUI controls. According to the company’s announcement, the Cartesian Charts control has gained stacked area chart types. Further, the Button, CheckBox, Date Picker, Date Time Picker, Image Editor, Picker, Radio Button, Time Picker, and Segmented Control have all been developed to industry standards and are production-ready.

The volume 4 release also introduces three new components in the Blazor suite, all in preview. They are: Data Form, Dropdown Tree and Stepper. Syncfusion said that all Blazor components now support .NET 8, which was made available last November.

Finally, the company’s JavaScript web component suites have a new 3D Charts component with six chart types as well as Stepper for visualizing processes involving steps. Other enhancements to the suite have been made as well, the company said in its announcement.. 

Current subscribers can download the new version from the website’s License and Downloads page after logging in.