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.NET MAUI extension for Visual Studio Code now generally available

Microsoft has announced that the .NET MAUI extension for Visual Studio Code is now generally available, allowing developers to now build cross-platform apps using .NET MAUI within their editor. Microsoft created .NET MAUI in 2022 to be a replacement for Xamarin, which reached end-of-life last month. A number of new features were also announced alongside … continue reading

LEADTOOLS Version 23 introduces new Excel API and .NET MAUI support

Apryse, the company that recently acquired LEAD Technologies, has announced the release of LEADTOOLS Version 23, which includes a number of new tools for developers. LEADTOOLS is a development toolkit with components that allow developers to incorporate things like form processing, document/image viewing, OCR/ICR, and more into their applications.  Highlights of this release include a … continue reading

Syncfusion Releases Essential Studio 2023 Volume 4

Syncfusion today released volume 4 of its 2023 Essential Studio with new controls for its .NET MAUI app UI framework, its Blazor component library and its JavaScript offering. “Our teams were focused on enriching our current controls and file-format libraries with a lot of functionality, including multiple improvements on all platforms for one of our … continue reading

Is .NET MAUI the right Xamarin successor for you?

As most know, Xamarin is approaching its end of life on May 1, 2024. This critical milestone has prompted many developers and organizations to evaluate their options for upgrading from the cross-platform mobile app development framework to its successor, .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI), or taking this opportunity to explore alternative frameworks such as Flutter … continue reading

.NET MAUI comes to Visual Studio in .NET 8 Preview 6

Microsoft released the sixth preview of .NET 8, and one of the major announcements is that .NET MAUI can now be accessed in Visual Studio Code through a new extension. “Today, we’re excited to announce the first preview of the .NET MAUI extension, which, paired with C# Dev Kit, gives you the tools you need … continue reading

Syncfusion Essential Studio 2023 Volume 1 adds three new .NET MAUI controls

Syncfusion has announced the latest release of its UI component suite, Essential Studio 2023 Volume 1.  According to the company, the main highlights in this release are new controls for .NET MAUI, promotion of 10 MAUI components to production status, improvements to the PDF Viewer, and more accessibility features in the PDF Library.  The new … continue reading

Long-awaited .NET MAUI is now available

Microsoft has announced the general availability of .NET MAUI, which was first introduced in 2020 as a step in unifying .NET development across devices and platforms. MAUI stands for “Multi-platform App UI,” and enables developers to build cross-platform applications from a single C# codebase.  “The thin and decoupled UI and layout architecture of .NET MAUI … continue reading

SD Times news digest: .NET MAUI Preview 11; Spark-NLP 3.4.0; Cloud Security Alliance releases guidance for using AI in healthcare; CAST Highlight SCA Chrome extension

Microsoft recently announced the release of .NET MAUI Preview 11. As a part of this release, users will gain access to the first batch of Fluent UI control styling, multi-window implementations, control features, and another set of iOS type alignment. This preview runs on the latest preview of .NET 6 and is available with Visual … continue reading

SD Times news digest: NuGet 6.0; .NET MAUI Preview 10; Contrast Security $150 million in Series E funding

Microsoft announced that NuGet 6.0 is being included in Visual Studio 2022 and .NET 6.0 out of the box. NuGet 6.0 can also be downloaded for macOS, Windows, and Linux as a standalone executable. The NuGet tooling assists developers in discovering new .NET packages to use for their .NET applications, while also making package management … continue reading

SD Times news digest: .NET MAUI Preview 9; App pricing updates in Google Workspace Marketplace; Rocket Software acquires database products from Zumasys

The .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) Preview 9 is now available with .NET 6 RC2 and in the preview channel of Visual Studio 2022 Preview 5. Preview 9 adds support for borders, corners, and shadows across most controls and layouts. In addition, Preview 9 also focuses on performance improvements to help Android apps start instantly. … continue reading

Microsoft unveils plans to sunset Xamarin Community Toolkit

Microsoft is revealing plans for the future of its Xamarin Community Toolkit as the .NET MAUI release nears. This year the company has been working to unify Xamarin SDKs into .NET, and it released .NET MAUI as an evolution of Xamarin.Forms with the ultimate goal of acting as a replacement.  Included in the plans is … continue reading Protection Status