Apryse, the company that recently acquired LEAD Technologies, has announced the release of LEADTOOLS Version 23, which includes a number of new tools for developers.

LEADTOOLS is a development toolkit with components that allow developers to incorporate things like form processing, document/image viewing, OCR/ICR, and more into their applications. 

Highlights of this release include a new Excel API and Web Editor, .NET MAUI support, and a redesigned React Medical Web Viewer. 

The new Excel API allows developers to load, create, edit, and save Excel sheets, and the Excel Web Editor integrates into existing HTML and JavaScript applications. According to the company, both tools offer features like formatting, formula creation, styling, merging, and saving. 

Next, the company integrated .NET MAUI across the entire LEADTOOLS product line, providing multi-platform development capabilities for developers working across Android, iOS, and Windows. 

Finally, the React Medical Web Viewer is intended for developers building applications for healthcare providers. It offers access to not only the LEADTOOLS feature set, but specific features that are useful in healthcare applications, like medical image processing and 3D volume rendering. 

Other new features include multi-capture video support, speech recognition demos, and updates to the recognition engine. 

“We are proud to continuously bring to market powerful SDKs with plug-and-play features that address a wide variety of functionality and cross-platform needs,” said Khalil El-Dana, head of product development for LEADTOOLS. “These integrated, powerful, and customizable features make it possible for developers to build better, more sophisticated applications quickly without compromising on quality.”