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LEADTOOLS Version 23 introduces new Excel API and .NET MAUI support

Apryse, the company that recently acquired LEAD Technologies, has announced the release of LEADTOOLS Version 23, which includes a number of new tools for developers. LEADTOOLS is a development toolkit with components that allow developers to incorporate things like form processing, document/image viewing, OCR/ICR, and more into their applications.  Highlights of this release include a … continue reading

Microsoft’s LAMBDA language allows new functions to be written in Excel

Microsoft is attempting to make Excel a more powerful application. According to the company, Excel formulas are written by a significantly larger number of people than all C, C++, C#, Java and Python developers combined. It is the world’s most powerful programming language, but it has two main shortcomings. One shortcoming is that the Excel … continue reading

Qoppa Software releases PDF Studio version 12

Qoppa Software announced version 12 of PDF Studio, the company’s PDF editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. With this new version, users have access to new features like PDF Imposition, Scanning Configuration, Excel to PDF conversion, page resize, and 4K display support. According to the company, professionals in the prepress and print industry can use … continue reading

Altova MissionKit enhances its Big Data, database and XBRL tools

Altova MissionKit’s latest release features changes to its Big Data, database, and XBRL tools, designed to increase an organization’s productivity. Altova’s last big release was in February, and it focused mostly on support for JSON and .NET APIs, introducing new tools for JSON and features to speed up JSON development. Altova MissionKit 2017 latest updates … continue reading

MongoDB creates BI connector, new tool to create rules, validations

One of the great appeals of NoSQL databases is the flexibility of schemas. Unlike relational databases, NoSQL schemas have a low up-front overhead and are easy to change over time. The disadvantage, though, is that they cannot take advantage of SQL structures, and this makes visualizing the data a difficult task. MongoDB is looking to … continue reading

Microsoft announces Office 2016, more Spartan details and Windows 10 developer plans

Even after the Windows 10 announcements that redefined the company’s future through an immersive holographic lens, Microsoft isn’t done unveiling new products and strategies. In conjunction with the Office for Windows 10 suite of touch-optimized programs for the full range of Microsoft devices, the company also announced Office 2016, a revamped suite of desktop-specific productivity … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: In a world of apps, word processors and spreadsheets rule

The popularity of office applications proves that productivity is still a priority for users … continue reading

Microsoft announces general availability of Power BI for Office 365

Application provides interactive view of Excel for SharePoint Online … continue reading

The Trouble with Gerrold: Lessons from programming languages

Computer education in America would be better served by focusing on programming languages … continue reading Protection Status