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LEADTOOLS Version 23 introduces new Excel API and .NET MAUI support

Apryse, the company that recently acquired LEAD Technologies, has announced the release of LEADTOOLS Version 23, which includes a number of new tools for developers. LEADTOOLS is a development toolkit with components that allow developers to incorporate things like form processing, document/image viewing, OCR/ICR, and more into their applications.  Highlights of this release include a … continue reading

LEADTOOLS Version 22 adds support for Python

LEAD Technology, which is a company that provides various toolkits for developers, has announced the release of LEADTOOLS Version 22. The latest release adds full support for Python, allowing Python developers to use LEADTOOLS libraries such as Recognition, Document, Multimedia, and Imaging.  These provide access to technologies like imaging processing, OCR, barcode recognition, and forms … continue reading

LEADTOOLS v22 released with .NET 7 support

LEADTOOLS released version 22 of its platform, which adds support for .NET 7, eSignatures, OCR Enhancements, Medical Web Viewer updates, and more.  LEADTOOLS is a suite of software development tools that can be used to create applications for document, medical, and multimedia imaging. It includes software components for capturing, manipulating, and viewing images, as well … continue reading

Taking the LEAD in digital image integration

Handling digital images, integrating them into applications, dealing with different form designs and easily setting OCR language during recognition, are just a few of the issues developers need great tools for. LEAD Technologies, Inc., founded in 1990, and headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., has as its foundation product LEADTOOLS, which continues to be the market leader … continue reading

LEAD Technologies introduces LEADTOOLS Cloud Services with recognition and conversion capabilities

Imaging company LEAD Technologies has announced LEADTOOLS Cloud Services. The new solution aims to provide developers with a high-powered, scalable, and lightweight Web API hosted on Microsoft Azure for adding advanced LEADTOOLS recognition and document conversion capabilities into their applications. “Extensive collaboration with the Microsoft Azure team, originating at Microsoft Build 2017, has paved the … continue reading

LEADTOOLS: One SDK, multiple platforms

The software development landscape is increasingly diverse, which is both a blessing and a curse for development teams. The many devices and platforms provide endless paths and opportunities to imagine, innovate, and develop. Coders experience the excitement that various new technologies can create. However, Project and Dev Managers may feel more pressure due to the … continue reading

LEADTOOLS version 20 released with .NET and Azure support

LEAD Technologies has announced the release of LEADTOOLS version 20. This is a major version release that includes new libraries for the .NET Standard and Microsoft Azure Services as well as improvements to LEAD’s document, medical and product lines. “One of our biggest goals for LEADTOOLS Version 20 was to make LEADTOOLS available on every … continue reading

LEADTOOLS: The Ultimate Imaging Development Multitool

Life is full of decisions.  Some are easy, like whether or not to run across a busy freeway wearing a chicken suit. Others are difficult, like ordering lunch at a Mexican restaurant (seriously, why are their menus so big?!).  Developing software also has its own unique set of decisions to make: do it myself or … continue reading

LEADTOOLS 19 delivers new DICOM Hanging Protocol SDK

LEAD Technologies announced a major update to its LEADTOOLS Version 19 SDKs. LEADTOOLS provides SDKs for document, medical, DICOM, PACS, raster, vector and multimedia image technologies. The latest release features the DICOM Hanging Protocol SDK, large image support, document format support, imaging for Linux, and updates to its recognition technologies. “This update is a great … continue reading

How imaging SDKs can solve today’s application development challenges

In a mobile-first world, developers understand the importance of creating a next-generation app that fits in with client or user expectations. Developers should consider the myriad of SDK options if they want to improve functionality for the user, especially imaging SDKs. Although they are a niche market, these SDKs can add better imaging capabilities and … continue reading

PDF 2.0: Clarifying the standard

We are living in a digital age, and businesses no longer want to store their information and data on hard copies. Businesses from across a broad range of industries are turning to the Portable Document Format (PDF) to bring their printed documents online. “PDFs are really becoming the de facto electronic document standard,” said Gerald … continue reading

Navigating a shifting PDF component landscape

PDFs have been around for a long time—more than two decades, in fact. As the platforms displaying the format have evolved beyond a simple desktop, more and more tools and components proliferate behind the scenes to ensure those documents crisply render and display on whatever application or screen they pop up in. Since its inception … continue reading Protection Status