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Q&A: Getting past the hype of AI development tools

Assisting development with AI tools can be quite a decisive topic. Some people feel they’re going to replace developers entirely, some feel they can’t produce good enough code to be useful at all, and a lot of people fall somewhere in the middle. Given the interest in these types of tools over the last few … continue reading

Report: As DevOps adoption nears 100%, these factors determine maturity

Most developers at this point in time have adopted DevOps in some form or another, whether they are a full-blown DevOps engineer or a developer utilizing parts of the DevOps practice.  According to a new report from the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), 83% of developers were “involved in DevOps-related activities” in the first quarter of … continue reading

LEADTOOLS Version 23 introduces new Excel API and .NET MAUI support

Apryse, the company that recently acquired LEAD Technologies, has announced the release of LEADTOOLS Version 23, which includes a number of new tools for developers. LEADTOOLS is a development toolkit with components that allow developers to incorporate things like form processing, document/image viewing, OCR/ICR, and more into their applications.  Highlights of this release include a … continue reading

How to ensure open-source longevity

Most code in existence today utilizes open-source components, but it’s important to remember where, and who, that open-source code comes from.  Open-source software is mostly developed and maintained by volunteers. Unlike a company with resources to hire more developers, the maintainers of most open-source projects have to carry the burden of what comes after them.  … continue reading

7 Steps For Effective Hiring and Collaboration

Rapid growth is a great measure of a company’s success, but it comes with potentially serious growing pains that can hurt collaboration and overall effectiveness of your teams.  Here, rapid scaling means hiring more people to maintain a consistent growth rate, since headcount growth follows revenue. For instance, hiring more developers to build new features … continue reading

How observability prevents developers from flying blind

When changing lanes on the highway, one of the most important things for drivers to remember is to always check their blind spot. Failing to do this could lead to an unforeseen, and ultimately avoidable, accident.  The same is true for development teams in an organization. Failing to provide developers with insight into their tools … continue reading

Snyk closes $196.5 million funding round

Developer security company Snyk today announced a $196.5 million Series G investment. The round was led by Qatar Investment Authority with participation from new investors Evolution Equity Partners, G Squared, and Irving Investors as well as existing investors boldstart ventures, Sands Capital, and Tiger Global.  According to the company, this comes after a year of … continue reading

Android announces 2022 safety initiatives for Google Play

The Android development team announced initiatives being put in place for Google Play to ensure user safety. According to the team, over the past year safety has been at top of mind and the team has partnered with developers to help protect their apps, prepare them to share their data safety practices with users, and … continue reading The unified platform for product management teams

As organizations continue with their digital transformation  efforts, cutting-edge software is no longer a luxury. This lack of top-tier software oftentimes leaves product management teams feeling ill equipped to deliver the best possible products. In response to this need, was created to provide product managers, product owners, and senior product executives with the tools … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Google Fuchsia

Fuchsia is an open-source capability-based operating system that was initially released in 2016, and is currently under development by Google. Google announced this week that it would be expanding on the project and making it easier for the public to contribute. The company released a new public mailing list for project discussions, added a governance … continue reading

Kobiton acquires Mobile Labs for faster app delivery and AI across real devices

Mobile experience platform provider Kobiton announced that it acquired one of its competitors, Mobile Labs Inc. The acquisition will allow developers and QA teams to deliver apps faster by leveraging artificial intelligence across real-devices spanning cloud and on-premises deployments, according to Kobiton. “We saw a huge opportunity to improve the testing experience for our customers … continue reading

Progress Fiddler Everywhere web debugging proxy comes out of beta with 1.0 release

Fiddler Everywhere 1.0 is a web debugging proxy for Mac, Windows, and Linux that enables users to inspect and debug HTTP traffic from any browser. Version 1.0 includes an improved traffic inspector that enables users to inspect requests and responses with different formats, including Headers, Text, Raw, JSON, and XML.  Also, with Composer Collections, users … continue reading

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