Fiddler Everywhere 1.0 is a web debugging proxy for Mac, Windows, and Linux that enables users to inspect and debug HTTP traffic from any browser.

Version 1.0 includes an improved traffic inspector that enables users to inspect requests and responses with different formats, including Headers, Text, Raw, JSON, and XML. 

Also, with Composer Collections, users can create a collection of requests to keep them all organized. Users can open multiple requests and execute them and share collections with team members. 

The improved Auto Responder UI makes it easier to create and apply rules while inspecting web traffic. The ruleset can then be exported and shared with a team. 

“Fiddler Everywhere is designed to keep your team in mind. You can now seamlessly save sessions, comment, and share them with your team without manually exporting them,” Progress wrote in a blog post.

Each saved session opens as a new tab in the Sessions view so that users can debug these sessions independently. 

Moving forward, the team behind the project said it will continue to focus on improving the user experience. 

Progress added that the Traffic Inspector features will always remain free, including unlimited sessions. Free users can also use the collaboration features within some prescribed limits.